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Why do people behave differently when gaming online vs. offline - Essay Example

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Description of how society defines the social issue The society describes this issue as a complete menace and distracter. Anecdotal evidence sets forth that when people are gaming online tends to exhibit unnatural behavior…
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Why do people behave differently when gaming online vs. offline
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Why do people behave differently when gaming online vs. offline

Download file to see previous pages... Scholars assert that, people can glean a lot from other’s psyche given the way they play games online. Scholarly research shows that people behave differently when playing video games with a few close friends as opposed to when they are playing alone (Rouse & Ogden, 2005). Additionally, people also portray unfamiliar traits when gaming online with their family members or faceless drones found online. A number of research studies reveal that analysis of these indecisive behaviors comes because of interactions. With that respect, this paper will seek to set forth reasons as to why people behave differently when they are gaming on against offline. Online gaming When gaming online, people tend to behave unrealistically due to situations endorsed by emotions. For instance, online gaming brings out emotions of anger especially when one does not understand the set rules of the game. Therefore, due to his or her inability and ineptitude to perform better, he or she ends up venting by cussing loudly and obscenely despite the hard efforts exerted. This ultimate failure accompanies other emotions like an awkward pause then a probable apology and finally an explanation that is always suggesting that this person is simply angry. These sorts of attributive emotions are the reason behind why some people behave abnormally when gaming online (Rouse & Ogden, 2005). Description of the social categories affected by the social issue The most affected social category by this issue is the youth who would spend most of their time gaming online instead of making friends and having fun with real friends. Oftentimes, you find some gamers want something like a new hot game from a friend. Playing the newbie normally is not possible for most people. Thus, what happens is that, when the host is showing you the new game styles and the likes, you tend to throw insincere and baseless compliments just to make the host find it vital for you to get the new game (Sayre & King, 2009). Scholarly research put across that this situation describes manipulation and newbie is just playing manipulative in order to get the game. At the time when the host is demonstrating playing modes, because you want the game, you end up putting on a fake and overly happy as well as lucky go persona (Collins, 2010). This kind of gaming results to exuberant online gaming behavior. As such, since this is not the real you, this kind of behavior appear different. A situation gets people playing manipulative in order to get a new game is part of the reasons that makes people behave differently when gaming online. In this arena, this is so because you are familiarizing with a new game within a different social host situation. In addition, people behave differently when they are gaming online since they are not face to face with the game that they are playing. This gives them the impression that they can do whatever they want as they can pretend to be other people as opposed to themselves. Furthermore, people put on a different posture of behavior when gaming online due to the fact that, some people feels that the world of internet and the real world are at two different facets. In this case, different people put on two different faces since they think they can bully a player on the internet and get away without any consequences. In addition to that, people behave differently when gaming online since they can understand they can be whoever they want to be and things that they want to do (Collins, 2010). This is because of the concept that, what they do while online remains sheltered behind the screen hence separates them from what they do in the real world. People behave diffe ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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