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Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Programs - Essay Example

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Name: Instructor: Task: Date: Intro to Human Services 201 -Agency paper Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Programs Human services entail an expansive spectrum of actions that have the objective of attaining the human needs through an interdisciplinary approach…
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Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Programs
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Download file to see previous pages These human services include services that entail substance abuse, rehabilitation programs, elderly care among others. It is essential for societies to have these human services since they enable the adjustment and rehabilitation of persons. Substance abuse is developing into an uncontrollable phenomenon thus becoming an impediment to the healthy growth of society (Delany, Joseph & Roberts 1). This involves excessive intake of addictive drugs such as heroin, cocaine, tobacco, marijuana or alcohol. Once ingested into the system in considerable quantities they integrate with the blood and become a necessity. Substance abuse is a major issue for the 21st Century. It is vital for them to acquire redemption from programs that institute individuals who suffer from these addictions (Delany, Joseph & Roberts 1). This paper discusses on Substance abuse and rehabilitation programs and their benefits to the contemporary society. Option A: The Florida Department of Children and Families “The Florida Department of Children and Families” (FDCF) is an institution that deals with family conflicts or irresponsible behaviors that are harmful to them or their relatives. One of the programs they include in their services is substance abuse. Substance abuse programs are significant to persons addicted to drugs or other intoxicants whose excessive intake can be detrimental to an individual’s health. ...
Substance abuse programs enable the addicts to avoid the hazardous drug experiences and chemical dependency on the problem. The Florida Department of Children and Families utilizes a Substance Abuse Response Guide (SARG) process to mitigate the impediments of drug and alcohol abuse within the environs of the Florida State. This process of SARG entails the acquisition of information about the addicts and evaluating it. This will be through their network of informants within the diverse localities of the state. Secondly, they build a collaborative effort of the community and state authorities. Third, it administers the resources that are used to inhibit the drug abuse in the state. The SARG is an effective process that can enable the establishment of the drug prone areas and addicts hence assist them in overcoming the vice (Florida Department of Children and Families 1). The collaboration of the community’s constituents and the state authorities can enable the identification and apprehension of traffickers of these illicit substances. In addition, this can elevate the confidence of communities in disclosing activities that propel the abuse of these substances. The accumulation of information is essential in the determination of opportune assistance to the addicts before their situations reach uncontrollable levels. The FDCF has a State Epidemiology and Outcomes Workgroup (SEOW), which entails discussing epidemiologic details that involve the repercussions of drug abuse. They come up with valuable information that stake, for example, rehabilitation centers can use to devise remedial programs. This program is resourceful to the numerous authorities that are interested in eradicating these ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Substance Abuse a challenging issue since it involves a wide range of unpredictability in precision as well as efficacy, practitioners have to be logical in determining the application of the modality. Classification of schemes have been developed by the American Public Human Services Association (2005), The National Crime Victims Research and Treatment Center, funded by the Office of Victims of Crime (OVC) (Saunders, Berliner, & Hanson, 2004), and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) (2006). All the regulations are set to formulate criteria for evidence-based practices to guide the review of programs, involving psychosocial managements devised by the American...
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.... Compared to ten years prior to the study (1992), the total cost of substance abuse to the US economy was 108 billion. This represents nearly a 60% level of increase in cost to our domestic economy. These figures alone are telling as to the size, nature and scope of the overall problem. Whether or not one has a strong opinion on legalization, the need spend more/less on the rehabilitation of the user, or the long term societal effects of a population addled with substance abuse problems, the fact remains that the problem is a growing one that demands attention. On a personal level substance abuse can literally leave a...
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Substance abuse the following. Substance Abuse: A Study Using the Movie 28 Days 28 Days is a movie in which basically what happens is a big-city newspaper columnist is forced to enter a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center after stealing a limousine and crashing it into a house; the main character is Gwen Cummings who is played by Sandra Bullock, who is a Caucasian woman that ends up getting into a car crash on the day of her sister’s wedding, and she is then given a choice between either going to prison or going to a rehab center, and so she ends up choosing the rehab center. However, she is not exactly willing to admit that she has a problem with alcohol, and so at the beginning of the rehab...
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