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Social Services and Enrichment Programs and Residential Segregation - Essay Example

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Name: Instructor: Task: Date: Sociology Question 1 Significant disparities exist amongst children who are poor and living together with the rich in one society. This has raised a lot of concern, and the manner in which it is handled with a great aim of eradicating the discrepancy is underway, some of which have proved fruitful to consider…
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Social Services and Enrichment Programs and Residential Segregation
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Download file to see previous pages These are individuals she describes as living in the poor urban ghettos and are hidden to the public but specifically, the nonblack individuals. This forms a base to stand on while on the look for a real solution to the issue at hand. To begin with, Kao and Johnson have carried out a research and finally come out with empirical data that reflects on ethnicity, immigration and racial discrimination that takes place within the hoods of the inhabitants. They have seen how there is the lack of balance in educational achievements amongst different races. In fact, there is little in terms of any scholarly attainment amongst the little children even the older ones. In fact, minorities who live within Chicago suburbs face many disparities. Ethnicity has taken the lead within the racial minorities. The sole reason behind these is lack of education for the little children; very little have been put in place to make certain that they attend school. On the other hand, there are outstanding races in Chicago that duly flourish in education, a factor that brings about achievement gaps. Ultimately, these achievement gaps reflect on dissimilarities on social upbringing where parents differ in terms of embracing education for their children. Eventually, academic accomplishment becomes very low in Chicago hoods. In addition, effects of cultural diversity in Chicago become enormous for it suppresses economic development and success in education relative while compared to other racial groups. Moreover, George Farkas continues to expound on the perception of child upbringing in Chicago. According to him, parental rearing shapes the future of their children as they invest much in transferring their capital in their children. To this, they do a lot in cultivating behavior in their children as well as letting their anticipation known to them. Failure to bring them up in a positive way, therefore, results in disparities. A cause of this may be sincerely due to the difference in income that the parents of different ethnic groups get. Lower class parents, as Farkas observes have less in terms of cultural capital to invest in their children, something that makes them not to take their children to school in order to achieve standard education. Again, Annette Lareau has carried out a study that focuses on Chicago family issues. She has deeply looked on what middle class parents within the place are undergoing in their attempt to bring up their children. They try to assist their children in understanding their institutional settings. Moral upbringing has seen little children address their adults as their equals and surprisingly, Annette has identified how the same children are treated with a lot of worth. The families of the middle class support their children to become people who are developed socially and intellectually. Owing to the above discussions, it is obviously depicted that more of institutions and supportive and enrichment programs are fundamental to eradicate unnecessary culture within the middle class children and parents of Chicago. These will shape their future as many of them who are not going to school will be treated with much regard and be schooled. The programs will be a source of remedy to parents with low income, as their children will still achieve educational standards as ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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