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England Project - Research Paper Example

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England Research Project Background The second half of twentieth century has witnessed tremendous change in family pattern, formation, and dissolution in England (Brooke 17). This was real in 1960s when restrictions of divorce, abortion, and use of contraceptives were significantly reduced…
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England Research Project
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Download file to see previous pages The introduction of Divorce Reform Act brought down the irretrievable marriage breakdown. The social system in England is defined by the existing social class. The social class are defined by the individual occupation, wealth, and education. The monarch is at the top of the country social structure. Individuals at upper have significant influences in the policies and ideologies of the social norms and structures. The social structures in England are predisposed by the norm of reverence of individual rights and dignity. England population have been rising over years. In 2010, the total fertility rate was estimated to be at 2%. During the 2001-2008 periods, the population was approximated to be over 59 million people. The population is expected to rise to 64 million people by 2015. Individuals who are in prestigious occupation occupy middle to upper social status in the society. In the recent past there has been increase in number of the unmarried families in England. Individuals in England also marry at late ages of their life. Cohabitation is exceptionally common in England. Since 2009, the first marriage age for men was thirty years and twenty eight years for women. Divorce is very common in England with over fifty percent of modern marriage facing divorce. Most people who divorce and especially men remarry again in their life time. On the other hand, the number of single parent families is on rise in the recent past. This has been brought about late marriage age, divorce, and cohabitation (Higgs 598). Norms and Attitudes There are distinct norms that govern marriage and families in England. The England families are small with utmost of three children. Many families are on contractual bases. In most cases, couple marry for material or intimacy purposes. On the other hand, marriage and families are not permanent. There are increased number of cohabitation and contractual marriage. Couple in marriage have equal powers over each other and family properties. The contemporary civilisation and industrialisation have an enormous contribution to the modern family and marriage attitudes. There are different family structures in England. In most cases, a family is made up a couple with or without children. The couple have equal power over each other. There is also increased single parents’ family in the country. The controversial marriage of couple from the same gender is also apparent in England. Children are not the core pillar in the England families and marriage. Although they are significant for the continuity of the families, couples prefer fewer children in their union. On the other hand, male and female gender have almost equal role in the family. They collectively participate in family role as well as professional role. The central explicit role of children in the family is that of heir. Couple get children to ensure the continuity of their families (Hey 56). Marriage Themes Family Values Sex is one of the nucleus purposes of marriage and in England families. Couple have right over their sexuality. Cohabitation is extremely common in England. Cohabitation is known to follows, replace or preceded marriage. Cohabitation has to some extend replaced marriage in England. At around 1990s, more than seventy percent of England women confessed to have cohabitated before they got married. In modern England society, more than forty percent of children are born from the unmarried couples. As a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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