Racism in Cuba, an Unresolved Issue - Essay Example

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Paper Title Name University Since the Cuban revolution began in 1959, for the first time their citizens from all ethnic and racial backgrounds including politicians like Raul Castro, are speaking out decisively on the problem of racism on the island. No longer discarded as a possible threat to national unity, Cubans both in and outside the government are drawing attention to this ongoing issue, and discussing possible ways of dealing with it…
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Racism in Cuba, an Unresolved Issue
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Download file to see previous pages In order to attain complete endorsement of the progress, which have so far been realized in struggling with racial discrimination in radical Cuba, it is crucial to enclose a brief rundown of race relations’ with the past in Cuba. The foremost historical periods in Cuban revolution are the eras of the republic in 1901-1959, the colonial phase as well as the era after the 1959 revolution (Roberto, 1998). Racism is an expression which gives reason for the social application of racial cruelty and institutionalized inequity based on racial cataloging. The incursion of America was essential for capitalism’s development in Europe. It was indispensable for the colonialist after the assault to build up racist intolerance to justify the supremacy of the native people and the black slave trade’s development. After the triumph of the uprising, racist supremacy has been meticulously conquered. The uprising of Cuban society laid the financially viable and social fundamentals for the triumphant riddance of racial discrimination, but with the boost of financially viable interventions by the U.S, even the achieved gains encounter pressure (Roberto, 1998). The Cuban times are gone in olden times of socio-economic chauvinism against the gigantic preponderance of the inhabitants. This intolerance was based on class and race. This led to more than a few scholars defining the era before the uprising as that of a color and class structure. The post-revolutionary administration, hence, fittingly realized that in order to prevail over racism, it is requisite to surmount the class society itself. The colonial period One of the difficult things when discussing the issues of competition politics in the Cuban revolution is discovering the precise statistics on who defines himself or herself as black. The 1956 Cuban census indicated that the population of the Negroes was on the decrease from 1827 to 1953. However, several other studies imply that the mulattos or blacks’ percentage is closer to 40-45% of the entire population in the period of post-revolution. In mid 1800, it was the phase of revolutionary battles. Several of these battles started raising the matter of race. This was also the point in time of massacres of the residents of the black people (Roberto, 1998). Jose Marti, one of the Cuban revolutionary heroes, was among the most forceful and forthright campaigners for the blacks liberation. The nine-year war, which erupted in 1869, was introduced by Carlos de Cespedes’ stride of releasing his slaves, thus paving the way for a better-quality political task for blacks (Hughes, 2011). The battles led by Marti and other folks piloted to the suppression of slavery in 1884. The early 1880s also led to a boost of blacks being caught up in the fight back for independence, for the most part the wars of independence in 1895 to 1898 (Roberto, 1998). The Republic The Constitution of 1901 forcefully imposed biased practices, which mostly hit the blacks in the hardest way voting exercise, was limited to only males of over 21 years, and who had both writing and reading skills. It was also controlled by the males who possessed property valued at 250 pesos or greater, or could demonstrate that they fought in the freedom militia. In response to such acts, the Black Voters Association was formed in 1907, after ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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