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Developmental Crime Theory - Research Paper Example

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Institution Date Developmental Crime theory Introduction Crime is a common phenomenon that has existed both in the past and in the present societies. Criminal activities are generally antisocial and unhealthy for peaceful and harmonious co-existence of individuals in a given society…
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Developmental Crime Theory
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Download file to see previous pages One such theory is the Developmental crime theory (Siegel 320). This theory holds that criminal desires start developing in a person right from birth and continues along the life course of the particular individual. The factors that influence crime in the life course of given individual ranges from personal, social, economic, history and geographical locations. Developmental crime theorists hold that criminal strategies employed by various individuals changes from time to time with life course of the specific individual. Age transformation and general life course impacts on the personal and social traits of an individual that eventually influences and result to change in the individual’s behaviors. According to the Developmental crime theory, the onset and duration that an individual spend in criminal carrier depends o the individual’s interaction with the potential social factors and may take many paths. Some proponents of this theory hold that certain individuals face continuity of crime along the life course. Others predict continuity of some criminals to remain offenders even with changing life course. Some also predict change of the individual offenders alongside change in life course. Developmental crime theory predict causes of criminal activities as including subjection of children into harsh and punitive condition, neglect by the parents, rejection by the parents and other forms of child maltreatments (Siegel 321). Developmental crime theory holds that most of the people who grow to be criminals during their adulthood had faced historical maltreatment during their childhood. Causes of criminal activities are further linked to the rearing of children larger families and single parents. Crimes are also linked to poor performance in school, low motivation in school and perhaps exposure to weapons. Poor judgment skills that presents due to lack or low level of education that impedes reasoning also may facilitate the ease to resort crime. In the reports of Farrington, the developmental crime theorists further hold that lack and inadequate parental guidance and direction that lead to the adoption of crooked life course (157). Individuals could also be obliged to engage in crime when he/she lives in a deprived neighborhood that believes in crime for survival. Such problems can be avoided only when the affected individual move away from the contemporary corrupt neighbor. Still on economic influence of criminology, it is apparent that individual can be attracted to criminal activities as a means of securing job that could earn them money. Poverty is yet another driving factor into criminal activities as individual struggle by all means including illegal businesses to pay for their individual demands. According to Farrington, preventing such misconduct among the individual victim may involve establishment of sport activities to keep individual business and diverted from the criminal activities (158). As a way of deterring further inclusion of youths into crimes, it is advisable to convert the individual criminals into honorable citizens. Furthermore, prevention and deterrence of crime activities will largely involve reformations in various aspects of operating a society. Criminal motives in the individual child or person undergoing development may detect through lack of self control among the individual subject. Gaining self control that can enable an individual crimina ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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