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Native American Societies - Essay Example

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Native American Societies Introduction The Native Americans comprised of many tribes with the famously known ones including the Cheyenne, Blackfeet, Sioux, and the Apache. They were all led by their respective council of elders…
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Native American Societies
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Download file to see previous pages Ecological transformations resulted in the cultural alterations as well after some period of time. The various groups shared different cultures which were dependent on their environment as well as their surroundings. Religious traditional practices were still adhered to in spite of the transformation of culture and the changed manners of life. The various communities of Native America all possessed their individual different worldview, diverse myths, carried out their own sacraments and customs, and did act conforming to their primary values. This paper uncovers the various activities that the Native Americans engaged in, and elaborates their ways of lifestyle, religious practices, history as well as their beliefs. Aspects of worldview The complete story of the Native Americans is not possibly told as historical information is not whole and is wholly nonexistent. Looking at the American societies, there has been a drastic change in their attitudes from the past. The native tribes of America did not require stringent laws as the environment which was harsh compelled them to carry out their work together (Grounds et al, 298). Consequently, majority of the tribes had limited rules and regulations with the severest punishment that could be meted out being thrown out. Due to the plain environment that was harsh, banishment meant death. Members of the tribe had the responsibility to pray. Marriages too were easily manageable as the requirement was to look after and take care of the women as well as their children. In the struggle to survive, many men succumbed leaving behind an excess of women who required to taking care of. The American Indians lived their life falling in love with nature. In everything they engaged in, wisdom was exhibited as also shown from their capabilities for staying in harmony with their environment as well as the surroundings. The American Indians are viewed as the original environment conservationists as they exhibited close relationship with land leaving marks upon them. Whatever they wore, whatever they ate and the manner in which it was prepared, their creations, their beliefs and philosophies as well as acknowledging in their homes the significance of family, all these depicted acts of wisdom. The American society by extension has suddenly transformed their attitudes towards the American Indians even though a select few who are not American Indians, have not gotten it correctly. The American Indians were well equipped with survival techniques that could enable them carry on in the woods as they knew the ways of moving swiftly maintaining silence through a forest, adorning loincloths and staying in tepees. The American Indians have for a long time been short changed, frontal in doing so being the various organizations which cheat and utilize them for their own self gains (Maul, 233). Indians have for a long time lived dependent on the natural resources as well as in their natural habitat vegetation and fauna for their livelihoods, religious ways of life, cultural, and subsistence. It is therefore important for the non-American Indians to support the various conservation activities undertaken with the aim of preserving their culture and traditional customary activities. Our society greatly becomes enriched from the culture and heritage as it enables individuals to acknowledge and appreciate this richness. American Indians ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Native American Societies Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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