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Poverty Story - Research Paper Example

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Name Lecturer Course Poverty story Introduction The story begins with deceitfulness of the king’s wife and ends with Scheherazade trying to save the women of king Shahrayar’s kingdom from being executed for the crime committed by the king’s wife which she eventually does…
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Poverty Story Paper
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Download file to see previous pages After all virgins are no more, the viziers daughter decides to marry the king against his fathers will with a mission to save the remaining virgins from the executions. She tells unending stories to the king after marrying him and this led the king not to execute her for he was very eager each day to hear the conclusion of her stories. Scheherazade did not conclude her stories to make the king anticipate the finishing of the story and postpone her execution. After a thousand and one nights, she confessed to the king that she had no story left for her to tell luckily, the king had fallen in love with her so he could not kill her. She was finally made the queen and she accomplished her mission of saving the women in their kingdom(Smith, S.C., 2005). Stereotypes of women in the story In a thousand and one stories, the conflicting issue regarding stereotypes of women is that some are viewed as sex objects who are supposed to be submissive to their husbands at the same time as treacherous and disloyal to men. Their opinions are not counted and they are supposed to be subservient and despite this, they are very cunning in most of the stories. They are considered to be inferior, passive, and subservient and are oppressed yet they maneuver through their own creative ways so as to remain alive and acquire material wealth and power. In the story of Ali Baba and the forty thieves, he calls his wife silly when he finds her counting gold meaning she has no intelligence and has no common sense. Conversely, in the story of the first brother of the barber, we see a woman using her sexual prowess to acquire clothes. In the Tale of Enchanted King, a woman poisons her husband in order to have an affair with a black slave. These two women outdo the female roles of being inferior and submissive to the men as their culture demands. Women were considered as slaves and concubines who are subjected to obey the men who own them yet just like the king’s wife they still were not submissive for they committed infidelity. In these stories, there are faithful women, magical women, silly women, cunning women, and treacherous women. The two specific portrayals of women in this story are good and evil. Scheherazade’s narration of her stories of different women is very interesting. She talks of how good they are and again she tells of how treacherous they can be. She tells of how bad women can be by being unfaithful and using magic to trick men. In the tale of the second dervish when a woman threatens to awake the jinni if the two kings refuse to have sex with her. She also shows how good women can be by even sacrificing their own lives for men and through the slave girl in Ali baba and the forty thieves who saved his life. She shows both sides of the women. How does Scheherazade address and handle this issue in her stories Scheherazade decides to tell stories to the king in order to make him see women in a different perspective. She tells her stories to the king describing different types of women, the good and evil and her stories contain good verses evil messages. She tells most of the stories to interest king Shahrayar in order to make him trust and change his perspective about women and stop looking at them as unfaithful and bad people. The first set of her stories talks about forgiveness, warning and justice. In the story of Ali baba, she portrays the slave girl as very intelligent and witty. Through the slave g ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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