Implications of High Functioning Autism - Research Paper Example

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Instructor Date The Implications of High Functioning Autism Introduction Developments in science and medicine have led to accurate establishment of the various features of autism and a differentiation of the different forms within the autism spectrum…
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Implications of High Functioning Autism
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"Implications of High Functioning Autism"

Download file to see previous pages In addition, the theory of labeling within the society has led to increased support for special treatment of people with autism. Furthermore, it has been argued that if these people lose the autism label they are likely lose preferential treatment. This research paper gives a critical analysis and discussion of autism with a special focus on the implications of high functioning autism within the contemporary society. Autism Defined Autism is a nervous system disorder which emanates from an anomaly a children’s neural development. Autism is defined within three distinct areas which illustrate that a child is autistic. These are social behavior in relation to communication, restricted activities or interests and imaginative or symbolic play (Noterdaeme and Christian 475). Therefore the disorder manifests itself through inhibited social skills such as impairment in communication skills. Children who are affected by this disorder also demonstrate inability to socialize with others (Crane and Adam 245). The medical definition of autism also illustrates the distinct repetitive behavior of the affected young people which is one of the characteristics of this disorder. Nonetheless, for a child to be defined as autistic, the aforementioned characteristic must be demonstrated before three years of age (Napolitano 265). However, it must be noted that clinical definition of autism recognizes that an autistic child has a good balance of specificity, reliability on the basis of novice rating and an IQ range with good coverage (Taylor and Hannah 377). Autism Spectrum Diagnosis The spectrum diagnosis for autism is the application of diagnostic approaches which are aimed at determining the specific form of autism which affects a child. In the diagnosis autism, the differences within the autism spectrum such as high functioning autism, Asperger's syndrome and Idiot savant syndrome are determines through variations of symptoms (Dymond, Christie and Steve 133). Both Asperger’s syndrome and high functioning autism are milder cases within the autism spectrum. The intelligence of a child with Asperger’s syndrome would be either average or above average. The symptoms of autism such as poor social and communication skills however persist. Additionally, in the diagnosis of autism symptoms of developmental delays such those of savantism are included in the differential diagnosis before a conclusive diagnosis is reached (Solomon and Sally 32). The features and symptoms of high functioning autism are important in its diagnosis. The difference between high functioning autism and other forms of the disorder is that, it presents the least severe of symptoms, a feature which is used in the diagnosis process. However, even individuals with high functioning autism have to cope with daily challenges which characterize the disorder, for example difficulty of the affected individual to relate with others (Reaven 192). One of the most prominent features of high functioning autism is a delay in the motor skills of a child. When a child presents with intelligence level which is above average but with a delay in motor skills, doctors reach a conclusive diagnosis for high functioning autism (Christina 114). Moreover, children with high functioning autism show difficulty in the understanding abstract language. A child with this disorder will therefore be unable to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Autism is a Very Serious Disorder as it Affects the Normal Functioning in Children and Persists into Their Adulthood
According to the paper the abbreviation above stands for Treatment and Education of Autistic and Related Communication Handicapped Children. The program is aimed at making children adapt to the environment by organizing it using visual cues and pictures. The major point of departure of TEACCH form ABA is that the former does not expect the child to develop typically with the treatment.
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The psychological disorder is generally evident before age three, and includes impaired and irregular communication skills, avoidance of eye contact, poor development of language for social communication, inability for symbolic or imaginative play, engagement in repetitive activities and stereotyped movements, resistances to changes in the environment or daily routine, and unusual responses to sensory experiences.
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But most researchers support the role that parents play in dealing with autistic children as teachers, proponents of appropriate intervention, in the administration of their needs and in research on autism. Even so, there are scholars who have argued on the ethical implication of using children in research and others who argue on therapists as better suited in handling autistic children other than their parents.
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How Does Autism Affect Social Development in Adolescents

The researcher claims that the social interaction basically refers to the notable impairment in the emotional-social reciprocity, peer relationships and non-verbal communication. Since this phase of life is quite socially involved phase, the autistic teens are more prone to socially unfit in the society as compared to other people in the society.

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Understanding the etiology of autism will help to relieve the blame that parents may feel. The diagnosis was also complicated by the fact that although parents may see signs of autistic behavior during the first year of the child’s life, the diagnosis is usually not made until the child is 30 months.
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The article under consideration is titled “Self-Management Interventions for Students With Autism: A Meta-Analysis of Single-Subject Research.” It was written by Monica Carr, Dennis Moore, and Angelika Anderson. The given article presents a qualitative review of studies that focused on the issue of self-management interventions.
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