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Autism Late Diagnoses - Research Proposal Example

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Autism Late Diagnoses Presented by Institution Presented to Date Introduction Background to the study There are range medical and psychological problems that affect children of all ages. In most cases, some of these are not so severe that they do not require any specialized medical attention as any mild approach to their treatment can guarantee their solutions and ensure that the children continue to live very normal lives throughout their developmental stages (quote)…
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Autism Late Diagnoses
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Extract of sample "Autism Late Diagnoses"

Download file to see previous pages As a spectrum, it means that the earlier ASD is diagnosed, the better the chances of ensuring that the risk or rate of growth of severity does not increase to certain undesirable levels. However, there continues to be records and reports of late diagnoses of ASD in most children. In relation to the Waldorf approach to developmental stages in children, one would say that if ASD was diagnosed as early as the first stage, it would give medical experts so much hope and room for improving the lives of affected children, especially in terms of their academics. Purpose of the study Based on the background to the study presented above, the researcher seeks to set out a research work that has a purpose of identifying the developmental stages from the perspective of Waldorf approach and link this to Autism Spectrum Disorder late diagnoses. ...
This purpose is made with the rationale that as much as autism may be a serious health and psychological problem for children, it should not be the basis for which children should suffer or be left behind in any sense in terms of their normal development as people. This is particularly so when it comes to the academic life of the children. Unfortunately though, the chances of achieving this goal reduces significantly if diagnosis is not made as early enough as possible. While looking at the issue of late diagnosis, the impact of different cultural perspectives will be linked to any possible causes. Aim and objectives To achieve the purpose of the study, an aim has been set for the study, which has further been broken down into specific objectives to signify the specific activities and tasks the researcher should be involved in to achieve the aim. The aim is given as finding the relationship between the developmental stages and autism spectrum disorder late diagnosis. The specific objectives to bring about this aim are given as follows. 1. To determine how the developmental stages as given by Waldorf are perceived by different cultures in terms of religious cultures, moderate cultures and liberal cultures 2. To underscore how the perception of developmental stages according to cultural differences help in avoiding or promoting late diagnoses of ASD. 3. To ascertain how children diagnosed with late with ASD can be helped to live healthy integrated lifestyles. Significance of the study Should the aims and objectives set above be achieved, there are a number of benefits that will be derived. In the first place, an understanding on the effect of cultural differences on ASD would help in finding a common perspective grounds for the issue ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Autism Late Diagnoses Research Proposal Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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