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Psychology-Diagnosis and Treatment - Essay Example

A real medical breakthrough is still quite far away and autism is unfortunately a lifelong condition. There is still no definitive cure for autism. There is also a prevailing misconception about autism that it is a childhood condition. This belief implies it is a childhood mental disorder but that it gets better or goes away as the child develops into an adult, which is clearly not the case. This wrong impression about autism is because it is first noticed during the first early years of a child’s development (usually at around three years of age) when the child is expected to learn a few words and start talk in a coherent manner. As toddlers, autistic children seem to develop a bit normally but then inexplicably regress that persists throughout their lives (Frith, 2003, p. 2). One thing is certain though; there are very few solid facts about autism which is a reason why it is poorly understood among parents, psychologists, teachers and educators. With autism, nothing seems like what it is at first glance and impressions can be misleading (Frith, 2008, p. 3). In a broad sense, autism is the lack of a correct social sense in social communications. Discussion The suspected causes of autism are many: among them are genetics, anatomical fault and a physiological dysfunction although researchers have not found any specific brain pathologies. There is general agreement that autism is a disorder of the developing mind. With this diagnosis as basis, psychologists utilize the three core defining

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Diagnosis and Treatment
This in turn affects the emotional condition of the person. One of the common mood disorders include depression that creates sadness in the individual reflected through disturbed symptoms in the individual (Psychological Disorders, pp.490-492). The present study focuses on the mood disorder of depression and makes a study on its nature, its current trend of diagnosis, and treatment available for the disorder.
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Role of Health Psychology in the Care and Treatment of Patients with Cancer
It is quite a new area since the society has turned out to be more concerned with being healthy and well; whether is regards food that is eaten, the way the bodies appear, or even how people feel. Due to this, we find that psychologists formed health psychology.
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These symptoms indicate that the patient is suffering from depression. Suicide attempts are at a high rate in relation to the general world populace. With the behaviors becoming complex issues, there are a number of preventive measures that can be utilized.
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Diagnosis in Mental Health
But is the diagnostic label no more than a kind of 'shorthand', resulting in one of these diagnostic labels being applied to you because the diagnostic manuals (and the way psychiatry has developed and practiced historically for over 100 years) have decided to give this name to this kind of collection of feelings, experiences and behaviours Then what People start to explain how they feel or behave, or the things they experience, as being caused by this 'illness', as determined to be the cause, according to this shorthand label, effectively.
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Dual Diagnosis Treatment
Leon was initially diagnosed with schizophrenia when he was twenty-one after he was arrested for being "drunk and disorderly". He was ordered to be admitted to a hospital because of his bizarre behaviour and was given this diagnosis. Since then, he has been admitted to the hospital six times.
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Bradycardia: Diagnosis and Treatment
Bradycardia is defined as an adult heart rate that drops below 60 beats per minute. In the more serious cases the rate may fall below 30 beats per minute. The body and the brain suffer from oxygen deprivation as the blood flow drops to a minimum. Bradycardia can be a serious or fatal ailment.
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Describe the symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and prognosis of chronic leukemia
Chronic leukemia has varied biology and natural history, and may develop into antagonistic and difficult-to-treat stages. In its first stages of development, persons with this disease may experience few or no symptoms. However, most
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Critically evaluate the validity of schizophrenia as a mental health diagnosis
Schizophrenia may also be accompanied by alternations in the behaviour of the sick person. Patients suffering from schizophrenia also
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Social Psychology
While sociology is interested in the macro variables of human behaviour, social psychology is interested in the micro variables of behaviour. For instance, sociology would be interested in understanding the mode of dressing
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What is formulation, as used in clinical psychology practice, and how does it differ from diagnosis
Medical diagnosis on the other hand refers to a doctor’s attempt to determine a disease in a patient thereby recommend a treatment. Diagnostic procedure includes an extensive description of the feelings and
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features of autism and these are: problems with social interactions, impaired or incomplete verbal and non-verbal communications with the other people and lastly, repetitive behaviors characterized by a very narrow set of interests. Autism is a behavioral development disorder diagnosed during childhood that continues through a person’s adult life although at this stage, it becomes less obvious or evident. This is due to some helpful interventions employed today such as early education and personal programs to assist autistic people in self-care and intensive training in social communications to encourage and give them a sense of independence when reaching adulthood. Trends in Diagnosis – there is now widespread agreement that autism is primarily a brain neurological disorder during its development. There is an ever-growing body of medical research which showed that autism has a neurological basis and a pediatrician with enough background on clinical psychology can correctly diagnose a child as autistic. It takes more than just a single visit to diagnose it as it is based on a professional judgment from a number of behavior observations. There is no single lab test or X-ray that can confirm autism today but scanning using the latest diagnostic devices can tentatively only indicate some hints. A differential diagnosis must be performed to eliminate other possible causes confusingly similar with autism such as mental retardation, deafness, metabolic ailment or genetic disease. It is often finally diagnosed as autism after a broad spectrum of symptoms using the full range of diagnostic statistical criteria. Treatments for Autism – current research with the view of finding eventual treatment is focused on the three theories mentioned earlier. The research emphasis is based on autism as having a neurological ba


Psychology, Diagnosis and Treatment (Autism) Name of Student (author) Name of School (University) Psychology, Diagnosis and Treatment (Autism) Introduction Autism can be best described as a mysterious mental ailment. So far, it has defied all attempts to yield its dark secrets to medical research…
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Psychology-Diagnosis and Treatment
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