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Compare/Contrast Just Kids and Violence Girls. Using Gender, Race, Class and Violence that Shaped Them - Essay Example

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Name: Institution: Course: Tutor: Date: Compare and Contrast Just Kids and Violence Girls using gender, race, class and violence that shaped them Introduction The roles and responsibilities of different genders within the society have been clearly distinguished since historical times…
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Compare/Contrast Just Kids and Violence Girls. Using Gender, Race, Class and Violence that Shaped Them
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Download file to see previous pages These cultural perceptions have to a great extent influenced the roles that women as well as men assume in the current society. However, there are some factions of the society that have moved beyond relative boundaries and labels. In particular, there are women who have assumed roles that are traditionally considered to be men’s Likewise, some segments of the male fraternity have assumed feminine roles. This state of affairs has been occasioned by a host of factors. An in depth evaluation of certain contributory aspects ascertains that general societal conditions influence relative decision making. In essence, the environment within which the child is nurtured and brought up greatly influences the decisions that such children make regarding the issue of gender roles. In essence, the environment comprises of the values and virtues that guide behavior accordingly. It is the respective attributes that determine the perceptions of children regarding gender roles. Ultimately, this influences their behavior and general decision making. It is against this background that this paper provides a comparative review of Just Kids and Violence Girls in light of gender, race, class and violence that shaped them. To begin with, it is worth appreciating that both Smith Patti and Alice Bag defied all odds to explore a music genre that was considered by the society to be masculine. ...
The mother’s expectations were greatly influenced by the societal and cultural beliefs regarding women roles in the then society. Unlike her counterpart, Alice Bag grew up in a violent society that did not clearly define its expectations with respect to her profession. Arguably, although Bag grew up in a violent background, societal expectations equally required her to explore feminine fields of profession. To a great extent, Clawson cites that violence in the then society was simply a means through which the male faction asserted their superiority. The female counterparts were therefore expected to assume a low profile in response to this violence. Notably, the experiences that the two artists have during their youth also impacts significantly to the decisions that they take during the later stages of their lives. After moving to New York, Smith did not have any friends and relied on well wishers to provide her with shelter and food. Her decision to relocate to New York during these early stages of her life can be attributed to the differences that she had earlier on with her mother. Reportedly, her mother had wanted her to be a waitress but she preferred to explore her poetic capabilities and music talents. At this point in time, it can be ascertained that she suffered from the effects of isolation and the relative negative psychological implications. These could have shaped the decisions she made in some cases. From a psychological point of view, frustrations in some instances encourage social resistance. Comparatively, the social isolation and frustrations that Alice Bag encountered during the early stages of her life were more pronounced. Undoubtedly, these had a direct impact on ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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