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A Continuation of Chauvinist - Essay Example

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Since time immemorial, the subject of equality of gender has been there.Women have always been subjugated in the society. The extent of the subjugation that they encounter goes to the family setting, places of work and leadership positions…
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A Continuation of Chauvinist
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A Continuation of Chauvinist

Download file to see previous pages... There have been various movements such as feminist movements all over the world and others like the American Civil Liberties Union in America to ensure that women get equal treatment and opportunities just like the male in the society. Despite the fact that there have been some improvements in the positions that women get in the society, there is still much that needs to be done. One of the most influential areas of the society, the media, has not been helpful; this is in consideration of their portrayal and male and female characters in various productions that they make. This research will focus on the media’s continual portrayal of men as more chauvinistic with women appearing more objectified. Introduction Male chauvinism defines a situation whereby men dominate the society. Male chauvinists always feel that men are more important than women and that they are capable of much more than women. This issue is rampant in the society and is worthy of study. This is due to the fact that well deserving women in the society end up not being the positions that they deserve or simply the opportunity to try to showcase what they are capable of. The question under study is the role of the media in promoting male chauvinism. Media in this case refers to television, film, music, newspapers, magazines and even video games. This issue is significant in the society because it leads to a sense of inequality between men and women. This inequality tends to affect the whole developmental process in the society. Theory Various sociological theories will be in use in this study. This includes theories on feminism and equality in the society and its significance and contribution to co-existence in the society. Thesis or Hypothesis As a result of media portrayal of women as objective characters, the positions that women get in the society are degrading. The media is supposed to be leading the whole country towards progressive aspects, however, in this situation, this is not the case. In various films, women continue to be given demeaning roles and portrayed as objects of men satisfaction, a factor that transfers to the society. As a result of this, men continue to dominate in various industries while women have to contend with the junior roles in offices or none at all. This affects the developmental process of the whole society since there are women capable of coming up with ideas that are beneficial to the society. Even though this is an area of importance, it has been less sensitized with research on male chauvinism and female subjugation in the society being very minimal. This is the reason why this issue should be studied. Literature Review There is a variety of literature written on this issue. This is based on previous studies and observations that have been made with regard to male chauvinism in the media section. Two French sociologists, Gordelier and Bourdieu, 1980 did a study on various African societies and came up with the realization that in some tribes, most specifically the Barujas, this community was interested in the knowledge of music and use of instruments, they used this to gain contact with the gods as well as contact with other groups. However, women were forbidden from participating in music, thus had no access to this contact and became dependent on the men. In order to ensure that women continued to stay in the subordinate role that these society had designated for them. One of the abilities that man that were handed down to men was manipulation in everyday strategy. These involved how to suppress women, take away their enthusiasm and at the same time prevent them from carrying out any kind of revolt. Bourdieu and Gordelier examined that this is the viewpoint of the ruler, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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