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The aim of the paper “The War Against Boys” is to analyze the concept of feminism, which is usually occupied with the activities which aim at providing knowledge on the unfairness and biasness that are experienced in the male dominated societies…
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The War Against Boys
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Download file to see previous pages The ideologies behind these types of feminism were first coined by Hoff Sommers in her famous writings. According to Sommers, gender feminism focuses on the interaction between the society and the cultural gender roles performed by women within the same social setting. On the other hand, equity feminism is associated with equal rights and equal treatment of women in the society. In its practical application, gender feminism has been labeled as bad feminism because it deals with the questioning of the fundamental rules of the society. On the opposite side, equity feminism is credited because it is occupied with the purpose of advocating and supporting the aspect of equal rights to every member of a society. The principles of gender feminism do not question the idea that women should stay at home and play their cultural roles. This type of feminism is only occupied with the aspects of equity and other legal issues. Contrary, gender feminism questions the ideas of cultural roles played by women within a social environment. It seeks to achieve cultural equity among women and men. At this juncture, we will focus at the equity feminism, which is the most dominant contemporary feminism at modern times (Rauchut 349).
In every society, those individuals and groups fighting for gender equality con be heard complaining of numerous issues which they are not satisfied with. Therefore, equity feminists are constantly pushing forward their grievances to the relevant authorities for recognition. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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