Causation of Drug Abuse among University Students and Effects - Research Paper Example

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name prof class time Research Paper Proposal– final draft date Causation of Drug Abuse among University Students and Effects Use of legal and illegal drugs in colleges and universities in the US is increasing for more than 10 years. According to the statistics from United Nations, the United States is the biggest drug market in the world, and the reason behind this is the extensive drug use at the universities in the United States (United Nations, 2011)…
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Causation of Drug Abuse among University Students and Effects
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Download file to see previous pages The research question of the paper would be why the university students use illegal drugs like marijuana and how can the use of drugs in universities be controlled. This is important because as a university student, my college mates bother me a lot with their marijuana abuse habits. Some university students who use illegal drugs have caused many problems to themselves and the people around them. From the perspective of the students, drug use is for coping with the stress of studies or gaining energy (Terry-McElrath et al, 2009). However, as opposed to the perception of the students, drug abuse can have detrimental impacts on the lives of the students (White, 2011). Most drugs used by the university students are marijuana and the students believe that marijuana actually help them deal with the challenging circumstances (Terry-McElrath et al, 2009). Drug use cannot only be the reason behind the poor performance of students in exams, but it can also lead towards the destruction of the overall personality of the students as individuals i.e. the way they socialize, the way they carry themselves in professional capacity and their cognitive abilities (Johnstonet al, 2003). The paper would find and evaluate the causations and effects of drug abuse, such as marijuana, for university students in the US, in order to help those students cope up with their lives and provide awareness to other students especially those who are at-risk. The paper would also compare the performances of the students who use drugs with the students who do not. The paper would include an analysis of the overall scenario of the drug use in the US with a specific emphasis on the drug abuse in the universities by students at times of stress. The analysis would include the drugs that are used, the illegal trafficking of drugs in the US, the drug abuse in the universities and effects of the drug use on the different aspects of the lives of the students. The paper would show that the impacts of the drug use by students are detrimental, and steps should be taken in order to control the overall situation. The strategies being applied by the law enforcement authorities in order to control the situation will also be assessed along with the presentation of some recommendations for the betterment of the strategies. The issue of drug abuse by students in universities and colleges has been around for decades, but in the recent past, the statistics have showed that the use of drugs has dramatically increased in the recent past (United Nations, 2011). Despite the achievements of the war on drugs in the U.S. in the last 30 years, consumption of drugs has increased in recent times and mainly affects the younger population. This increase is definitely an issue to worry about and this problem cannot be left untouched. In the societal picture, this issue holds a vital position because the use of drugs affects the very youth of the society (Gledhill-Hoyt, 2000). Drug use affects every sector of society that is vital to a strong country like the U.S., putting pressure on the economy, the health and justice systems and threatening future of the young people. The research on this problem is significantly important because this issue can have disastrous impacts if not dealt with properly, which would be indicated in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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