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Are Some People Born Serial Killers - Research Paper Example

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Your name Are Some People Born Serial Killers? The concept of serial killers dates back to the ancient period and exists in all parts of the world. A large variation that distinguishes serial killers from various murderers is their intentions to kill…
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Are Some People Born Serial Killers
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Download file to see previous pages Generally, homicides are executed because of disputes ranging from family issues, financial hardships, gang violence, and disagreements between lovers and/or friends. On the contrary, a psycho-killer is not a normal murderer; a murderer has a feud, a nice explicit thing against his/her victim. An appropriate instance is the case of Andrew Cunanan, who executed Gianni Versace, a designer, and numerous people in the country before killing himself. A number of theories have been formed concerning serial killers—are these people born with the nature of becoming serial murder, or is it basically an environment aspect, or a combination of the two? The flowing discussion highlights the pros about the concept that serial killers are born killers: One major concept is childhood violence—in childhood; many serial killers perform various acts such as isolation, fantasy or daydreaming, brutality to their peers, habitual masturbation, and destruction of property, eating disorders, and headaches. However, the most frequent behaviors are isolation, habitual masturbation, and fantasy/daydreaming. Once a child is left segregated/isolated, there are high chances of that child developing fantasies and/or daydreaming; which may result into habitual masturbation. ...
of a Killer” that the gene MAOA is transmitted from a mother to a son and makes the brain subjected to elevated quantities of serotonin in the growth in utero. This result in future increase in serotonin that is significant in producing the sense of well-being. Thus, the fact that serotonin is highest in many males may explain the high number of serial killers among males. Moreover, in an article titled “The Genetics of Antisocial Behavior” by Dr. Wendy Slutske, the author explains a study carried out to establish the inheritance of unsociable behavior depicted by serial killers using two twins. The research findings propose that genes are responsible for nearly half of the disparity in the threat of antisocial behavior problems. This essentially implies there is a 50/50 probability among children for acquiring an unsociable behavior disorder from a parent. On other studies regarding various inherited disorders like alcoholism, depression, schizophrenia, and ADHD have depicted similar findings. Bi-polar problem, an inherited disorder, is an element that has been found in the character of serial killers. This was first proposed by Jonathan and Pincus and Dorothy Lewis (Pincus 133), who studied serial killers for a long period and wrote a book illustrating their hypothesis on what makes a serial killer. Using “trifecta,” Lewis and Pincus demonstrated that serial killers habitually depict a combination of brain damage, mental sickness and earlier abuse. The two researchers further put forward the theory that a umber of males are born with an additional “Y” chromosome, whose existence makes a person more liable to aggression. This hypothesis was tested by conducting a survey of the DNA of aggressive inmates. The surveyed established an increased occurrence ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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