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Introduction Ted Bundy is a serial killer who is perhaps the famous that has ever lived. That said, Bundy defies explanation or profiling. He has none of the hallmarks put forth by some profilers, that is that killers are made because of brain damage, abuse and mental illness…
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Serial Killer: Ted Bundy
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Download file to see previous pages Among these people was Ann Rule, the popular true crime writer, who believed, for years, that Bundy was not capable of the crimes for which he was accused. In the end, Bundy proves that profiling is not an easy or exact science, and that not all killers will fit into neat categories. In many ways, Bundy defied profiles. Discussion In profiling a serial killer, one the most aspects to know is what, essentially, makes them the way that they are. This is because, at the heart of profiling, is the question – “what sort of people carry out what sort of actions?” (Canter, 2000, p. 3). There are a number of theories about killing and serial killers, and one of the most important is the theory put forth by Jonathan Pincus and Dorothy Lewis. For them, killing is the result of a trifecta of brain damage, mental illness and prior abuse (Pincus, 2001, p. 27). Pincus came to this theory when examining Louis Culpepper, who was thirty years old and accused of sleeping with his six year old stepdaughter, whom he made masturbate him. Culpepper had frontal lobe damage, and was physically and sexually abused as a child (Pincus, 2001, p. 27). Although Culpepper was the first individual whom Pincus examined who had the trifecta, Pincus also examined serial killers and found that the trifecta was present in every one of the serial killers he examined (Pincus, 2001, p. 129). ...
129). This gives the killer the facade of being a normal person during the times that he is not in the throes of mania, which is the reason why many people are fooled by serial killers and feel that they are such nice fellows. Moreover, while Pincus found that the typical serial killer had also suffered some type of brain damage, the brain damage that serial killers exhibit is typically less than one-time killers. The reason for this because serial killers are cunning and sly, and severe brain damage would limit the degree of cunning that is needed to get away with what serial killers are able to do (Pincus, 2001, p. 129). Nevertheless, another profiler of serial killers, Helen Morrison, M.D., who, having spent over 400 hours digging into the psyches of serial killers, is considered one of the foremost experts on serial killers. Among her clients is the infamous John Wayne Gacy, who murdered 33 young boys (Morrison, 2004, p. 68). Morrison does not believe in the trifecta, especially the part of the trifecta that states that serial killers invariably have some kind of brain damage. Morrison found no evidence of brain damage in Gacy. Moreover, although two other individuals who Morrison examined, Arthur Showcross and Bobby Joe Long, evidently had evidence of brain trauma, Morrison does not believe that one caused the other. Morrison feels that Pincus, and his partner, psychiatrist Dorothy Lewis, have not definitively proved cause and effect when it comes to brain damage causing a person to kill (Morrison, 2004, p. 177). Along with the theories about the trifecta causing a person to become a serial killer, there are the theories about disorganized killers verses organized ones. According to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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