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Ecomap/ Ecological Model - Research Paper Example

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Ecomap/ Ecological Model Paper Grade course 5th April, 2012 Ecomap/ Ecological Model Paper Introduction The family is composed of five social actors: the parents and their three children. The family name is Franklin. The father’s name is Louis Franklin, aged 56, and the mother is Jenny Franklin, aged 54…
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Ecomap/ Ecological Model Paper
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Download file to see previous pages Jenny’s father is David, her mother Penninah, and she has two sisters: Carol who is dead, and Felicity. Jenny and Mercy, her mother- in-law, has a conflicting relationship, while Louis is not in good terms with his parents-in law because of his conflict with Bob. Bob is being rehabilitated from drug abuse, stays with his maternal grandparents, and he dropped out of school. Jenny keeps fighting with Louis because of Bob and their parents-in-law, and this has left Jenny frail with hypertension and bouts of depression. This has caused problems at her workplace because she is lagging behind in her work, and the employer has already given her a last warning. Louis enjoys working in his business, and he is looking forward to recruit Victor after he finishes college. Louis pays the school fees, for Victor and Sharon, pays all the bills, and Jenny provides food for the family. Victor is in the National under 17 swimming team while Sharon is in the ballet and singing clubs in her school. Jenny and Bob are in excellent terms with the social workers who monitor their progress and health. Relationship of the family with the social system The family and the extended family Jenny has always been having problems with her mother-in-law, who accuses her of not being a model mother to her children and not being the best wife for Louis. Bob’s drug abuse problem is the major cause of conflicts between the family and the extended family. Jenny’s parents David and Penninah blame Louis for Bob’s behavior, claiming that he does not set some time aside for his family and his son, and that he retards the rehabilitation process of Bob, by disowning him. These conflicts with the extended family cause strife in the relationship between Jenny and Louis. Victor and Sharon, however, do not have any problems with their grandparents. According to the family systems perspective, when one family member is affected by a phenomenon, other family members are also affected (Wood, 1996). Religion All the family members attend church regularly, but Louis is not incredibly keen on religion, yet he does it for the sake of the family. Victor is a member of the junior youth, and Sharon sings in the children’s choir. Jenny is a member of the church choir, and has a role in the church leadership. The family used to engage in prayers every evening before Bob got into drugs, but they no longer pray together, since Louis disowned Bob. Bob, like his father, do not whole heartedly believe in religion, but attends church due to pressure from his grandparents, whom he live with. Being members of the church, the Franklins get an identity of Christians. This relationship with religion portrays the multi level family perspective, showing the interrelationship of the family with other social institutions like religion (Hartman, 1995). Work Louis operates his own business which he started with his savings, and Jenny is employed in manufacturing industry. Jenny does her housework in the evening after work, with the help of Victor and Sharon. Louis is proud of his business, which is doing well, and he spends a lot of time working, going back home extremely late. Because of health problems, Jenny’s work has been suffering, and this has been raising problems with the boss about the quality of her work. She gets home extremely tired, and she is not satisfied with her job. Sharon helps her mother with ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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