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Newspaper Review [Student's Name:] [School Affiliation:] According to The Globalization Reader, Globalization is the interconnectivity and interaction between the different countries of the world. It is the growth and increasing connectivity to a global or international scale…
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Newspaper Review
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Download file to see previous pages This aspect of globalization makes it look like a marvelous contribution of the Western world but on the other hand it has also led to Western dominance. Capitalism has thrived due to Westernization and there is no place for poorer countries in the new globalized business plans and laws. This makes globalization a curse rather than a blessing in the minds of the people of underdeveloped countries (Sen, 2002). The headlines in newspapers are full of news about meetings of representatives and envoys of various countries with those of other nations. These meetings and conferences express the increasing globalization and also support the fact that globalization is not only a Western phenomenon. Similarly the leading newspaper Wall Street Journal covers international affairs as well as the local news. The major headlines show the interrelationship of different nations around the globe and their interactions with each other in terms of politics, culture, regional peace etc. Such an article which shows that the world is a globalized place is present in the issue of the newspaper under discussion. It is about the bilateral meeting held between the U.S President Barack Obama and the Prime Minister of Pakistan Yusuf Raza Gillani at the 2012 Nuclear Security Summit in Seoul (Lee, 2012). Meanwhile Shanghai, China is embracing globalization by devising an easier method for foreign banks to bring money in the country. This was made possible by lifting the debt quota on the foreign banks (Wang, 2012). According to another news article, the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has agreed to sign the six point peace plan according to which the military will withdraw from the rebel outposts. This type of interaction between two countries is an example of negative globalization as Syrian military has been attacking the rebel forces in Lebanese territory (Abi-Habib, 2012). All of the above mentioned articles are demonstrating the phenomenon of globalization as they are depicting the connectivity and interaction of two or more countries at a global level. Implications of the Articles and the Photos in the Newspapers: As globalization is usually associated with the West and the Western countries have managed to achieve better human resources and living conditions than the Asiatic countries and the regions of Africa, most developing and underdeveloped countries are trying their utmost to follow the same footsteps so they may achieve their economic targets as well. The articles included in the Wall Street Journal had similar information. Some countries are happily extending their hands to other countries and making good connections by interacting with the rest of the world, others are not so candid, they have their plans regarding globalization but they do not disclose them openly. Some countries like China were not too keen about economic globalization but eventually they have realized its importance. Other articles show that globalization does not always have good effects and it is not always positive. Some nations are entangled in globalization because of their crises with other countries. As Barber suggests another factor in the way of globalization is one's religious views and faiths. He gives the example of Jihad in Islam as Muslims living in any part of the world, no matter how many geographical boundaries separate, they consider themselves a nation as a whole. And the fundamentalists amongst ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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