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Understanding Violence - Essay Example

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Family, school, prison and identify the variables which most explain the violence This paper focuses on violence in the family and concerns itself with violence prevalent in close interpersonal relationships…
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Understanding Violence
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This paper analyses the above stated types of violence within the family and uses the categories of violence (physical, sexual, psychological, and neglect) as the background. Violence refers to the deliberate use of physical force or power, whether threatened or real, against an individual, group or community. Violence has the potential of resulting in physical injury, death, psychological illness, low growth and development, as well as deficiency. One of the common approaches adopted in the understanding of violence is the formulation of a typology, which categorises violence into physical, sexual, psychological, and deprivation. Family violence is a serious social problem that confronts the society of today. Family violence diffuses geographical, socioeconomic, racial, and ethnic barriers. Family violence refers to any conduct by a person whether actual or threatened, towards the property of, or the person of a family member which the member to sensibly fear or be anxious about his/her wellbeing. Family violence characteristically involves fear, harm, intimidation, and emotional deprivation. Similarly, this may also incorporate verbal abuse, threats, harassment, and controls of behaviours of other members.There exists an array of explanations for family violence, namely: biologic/organic, psychopathological, family systems, social learning, and feminist. Biologic Approach The applicability of biologic theories on the field of family violence is controversial. The propositions advanced by this approach in the field of family violence have limited support owing to weak empirical evidence. Biological theories explanations on family violence are based from analysis of physiological arousal and neurological assessments of the perpetrators (Karstadt and Elsner 2009, p.4). One of the explanations provided by biological theorists on the causes of family violence is the gene-based explanation. This approach holds that women abuse arises from a male’s preservation tactic, activated when right circumstances presents themselves such as when the man feel threatened that his mate could draw and maintain a better partner. Researchers maintain that, even though biological factors do play some part in perpetuating family violence, they cannot solely explain the phenomenon unless it is integrated with other non-biological factors. Psychopathology Approach Psychopathology approach borrows heavily from biological theories but elevates psychodynamic variables over organic variables. This approach places a lot of emphasis on childhood as well as other events that shape people to become perpetrators of violence. This approach explains that family violence may arise from a combination of other interpersonal problems on top of functional deficits manifested in non-family settings. Karstadt and Elsner (2009, p.6) observe that, some of the surveys conducted on psychiatrist diagnoses such as borderline and anti-social personalities indicate that those who exhibit the features have a higher inclination to family violence. Psychopathology places immense emphasis on the importance of understanding historical origins of current behaviour so as to gain some footing in intervention. This contradicts the widely held notion, which interprets male violence as merely power and control driven whereby the society strengthens the behaviour. Systems Approach System theorists pay attention to the numerous and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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