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And Assessing a Client - Case Study Example

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Assessment for Jones I. STUDY A. Identifying Information In 1987, Jones was living with her parents. Jones is the main character of the movie Precious, and she is, in fact, the one who is referred to as precious. The movie tries to bring out the important fact that everyone is precious in their own way no matter what kind of circumstances they face…
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Study and Assessing a Client
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Download file to see previous pages The name of the first child she gets is Mongo. Mongo is the short version of Mongolid. The child suffers from Down syndrome. It is even worse to raise a child with this kind of condition in such a setup. Luckily, the grandmother lovingly raises the child for her. However, Mary (Jones mother) is keen on receiving extra money from the government, so she forces her daughter Jones to pretend that she is living with Mongo. This way, she manages to get some more welfare money from the government. And she was just a naive sixteen years old girl (Sukhdev, 2010). C. Reason for referral (Presenting Problem) 1. Source of referral Jones was referred to the new school by her former principal. Arguably, the new school helped her get the help she needed to get over her abuse 2. Reason for referral to agency at this time Jones’ studies were temporarily interrupted after she became pregnant for the second time. When her principal discovered that she referred Jones to another school which she believed would be better for her while she was pregnant. She wanted Jones to continue with her studies regardless of her state but in an environment that would not make her feel rejected. 3. Client's understanding of the problem Jones is a young girl who may not really understand why she is being abused by her parents. Arguably, Jones is in a make or break scenario. An individual could breakdown under the pressure and take drastic decisions including suicide attempts. However, an individual that is exposed to this kind of scenarios can also rise up and come out strong against all odds (Patino-Fernandez et al., 2006). Inspiration and resolution are the main reasons why some people rise from ashes and make something good come out of their circumstances irrespective of their dark past. This is the path that Precious chooses. It is important for the medic to help the patient walk towards this path and even recommend therapy if need be. 4. Cultural and non-Western views of the problem Rape and child abuse are both strongly and widely condemned across all societies. Rape is one of the worst things that could happen to anyone and it is even worse when it is done by a relative (Fisher, 2009). 5. Other difficulties associated with the problem Jones has gone through enough peril as a victim of her father’s sexual abuse. Apart from the sexual harassment from her father, Jones also suffered physical, verbal, and mental abuse from the dysfunctional stay at home of her mother. 6. Previous efforts to deal with the problem Jones was lucky to have a school principal that went to the trouble of finding out why she had stopped attending school. On realizing that she was expecting her second child, the principal decides to get the girl to a school that could be of help to her. It is this decision that ultimately changes the life of Jones, as she becomes a precious girl once again. However, she still continues living in the same house and is susceptible to further abuse. The nice principal followed by the good teacher and helpful social worker as well as the friendly nurse each played a very special role towards the emancipation of Precious from her state. This can be seen clearly when her mother drops her new born baby and she fights back for the very first time against her brutality and even masters the courage to run away from her. This time she goes away permanently and takes her son with her. For lack of anywhere to run, she ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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