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Best Time to Get Married - Research Paper Example

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Best Time to Get Married When is the appropriate time to get married? This question may have as many responses as the number of respondents. Marriage has different meaning and importance depending on people’s culture and time. The difference on the implication of marriage to people of different culture indicates that people have a varied point of view on the best time to get married (Stewart web)…
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Best Time to Get Married
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Download file to see previous pages This paper will therefore evaluate the difference point of views on the appropriate age for marriage. Through this analysis, the paper will seek to establish the best age that people should get married. According to Slanton, marriage is a serious affair and therefore people should give it the seriousness it deserve (web). Slanton continue to argue that people spend the most part of their life with their spouses and therefore they should plan their marriage wisely. Wise planning of a marriage takes into account the time a person should marry. The age at which a person gets married determines their happiness in life and satisfaction in marriage (Slanton, web). This implies that marrying at a certain age in life reduces some negativity associated with marriage such as divorce. A recent survey conducted among middle-aged couples in U.S on the age they got married has proved that marrying at a certain age determines the health of a person (Kensington web). The survey indicated that the couples had a variation in their vulnerability to chronic illnesses depending on their marriage age. This proves that as much as people might dispute, there is a perfect age for marriage. Mccormack acknowledges that people do not consider the existence of the appropriate age for marriage (web). In his argument, the issue relating to the right age to get married is a controversial issue that people should approach with care He argues that essence of having the right age for marriage is to enable people to spend their lives with the right people. Marriage is a serious engagement and therefore people should ensure that they get married to the right partners. Although romantic love has been considered as the main factor that determines the union of people into marriage, most marriages are not based on romantic love. This indicates the existence of alternative factors that influences people into marriage. Compatibility between couples has often been regarded as the main factor that determines formation of most marriages (Gaikwad, web). Most marriages will therefore be based on how well the couple complements each other. Finding a person with the appropriate combination of desirable characteristics is not an easy tasks and this explains the reason why people get married to the wrong person. Desirable characters in a marriage partner also vary among people. What a person might consider a desirable character in a person might have a very different implication to another person. Due to the difficulties associated with identifying a perfect match in life, most people consider the identification of an appropriate marriage partner as the correct age for getting married (Smith 106). People should therefore plan their marriage after identifying their perfect match in life. Finding a perfect match is an important factor in the determination of the appropriate age for marriage however the factor is not sufficient (Vygotsky 34). This is because people can unite with their perfect match at teen age. At this age, the young lovers will be faced with the dilemma of when to get married. Such people will require guidelines on when they should start living like a husband and wife. Marriage age is therefore an important factor that a couple should consider before deciding to settle in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Best Time to Get Married Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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