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The role of de-regulation of the finacial system - Essay Example

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The Role of De-Regulation of the Financial System Overview Deregulation is the process where the companies or the financial institutes obtain more independence or freedom to compete and to operate due to the various changes in the laws related to the financial sector…
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The role of de-regulation of the finacial system
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Download file to see previous pages It helps the organizations to acquire their objective’s assistance, monetary policies and financing in the public sector among others (Strahan, 2002). In various instances, the deregulation acts have been imposed focusing on the financial systems of industrial sectors in various countries. For example, one of the most crucial changes in the financial system’s regulations was the Gramm-Leach- Bliley Act, which was enacted in US in the year 1999. Similarly, in Australia the Financial Management and Accountability Act (FMA Act) was implemented in the year 1997 to ensure deregulation in the financial system of various industrial sectors. These Acts in turn resulted in lessening the level of competition among the investment banks, traditional banks and various insurance firms. Furthermore, this act allowed the companies to take part in each and every segment of the markets based on specific situations. Hereby, the major objective of this study is to highlight the deregulation and its role towards the financial system to advance the interests of finance capital. Role of Deregulation in Financial Systems The deregulation on relation to the financial liberalization aspect has been comparatively a current experience in the context of globalization. The deregulation reforms have been applied in major countries all over the world through certain steps or procedures such as China, United States and Australia. It is in this context that deregulation i.e. lesser intervention of government of a country has certain roles to play towards the financial systems in the economy as deregulation reforms tend to have string impacts over the financial sectors of every country fueling the scope of globalization (Clarke & Islam, 2004). It is worth mentioning that deregulation has certain advantages as well as certain disadvantages towards any economy and its financial system. For instance, deregulation measures enacted in a financial system of an economy can motivate business entities to take part in the industrialization process more actively than compared to the period of regulated financial system. Moreover, with certain liberties in maintaining and participating in the financial system through deregulation measures, companies would also be more efficient and effective as a communicator of its viability and stability. However, as a negative impact of deregulation, companies or certain industry sectors can also engage malpractices in maintaining ethical standards while documenting their financial stability (Bowe, Briguglio & Dean, 1998). Despite, its negative impacts, deregulation measures have been observed to enhance the financial system and industrial stability as well as competition of various countries. From a generalized point of view, it can be stated that these factors accumulatively have improved the scope of development in the financial sector in different countries (Organization for economic co-operation and development, 2001). Examples of Deregulation In the financial planning system of China, before the implementation of the deregulation in the Chinese economy (1953-1978), the planning authority was not supposed to control the economic actions of the country. Before 1978 the business entities and the farmers had no independence and the right to take financial decisions for their businesses as the entire planning system was controlled by the government of the country. Before the revolution in China government had decided to devise a list of new economic policies to control the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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