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Equal Treatment: Need of Physically Challenged People - Research Proposal Example

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Equal Treatment: Need Of Physically Challenged People Name of the of the University Preparation For The Assignment For this assignment, I had to imagine myself restricted to wheelchair or motorized scooter for at least three hours in order to understand the lives of physically challenged people in depth…
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Equal Treatment: Need of Physically Challenged People
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Download file to see previous pages Hence, I decided to tie them while going to sleep the night before my assignment was going to start. My discomfort and fear started right from that time. To make it easier for me, I decided to use a wheelchair so I hired one from the health centre nearby. My experiment was going to start from the next day. Physical Challenges I woke up in the morning with dread of not being able to use my legs. I found it extremely difficult to move myself to wheelchair from my bed. As I had tied my legs, the only support I could use was my hands. It took me more than 10 minutes to move from my bed to the wheelchair and adjust myself properly in wheelchair. I fell on the floor twice while doing this. Every effort was making me more worried thinking about how I was going to spend the whole day in wheelchair and how I was going to carry out all the activities. Still, I tried to stay optimistic. I had to attend nature’s call in the morning. I went to the bathroom and was at complete loss as to how I am going to do it. After trying in every way, I was able to finish the task in half an hour. By the time, I finished attending nature’s call, I was completely drained physically. Every move was an effort on both, physical and psychological level. The idea that a large part of my body, i.e. my legs, was motionless and was of no use was making me depressed. However, I carried on somehow and went to the kitchen for breakfast. Moving the wheelchair from one room to other was a great effort for me. I went to refrigerator to get the milk, bread, eggs and apple. I wanted to make an omelet. As I moved to the stove, I realized that the pan was hanging on the hook, which was way above my reach. I was at loss as to how to remove it from the hook. I could barely manage to reach the stove from my wheelchair. Reaching the pan was completely impossible. I went to my room, grabbed the tennis racket, came to the kitchen and tried to push the pan out of the hook with the help of racket. Somehow, I was able to get the pan out of the hook. I realized that the task which would have taken me just few seconds was taking me more than 10 minutes. I prepared the mixture for omelet with great effort. Grabbing the spoon, hand blender and ingredients for omelet proved to be difficult task. My hands were aching by this time as I was using it not only for making breakfast but also for moving my wheelchair. Finally, the omelet was prepared and I ate it with bread without applying butter or jam. I did not have energy to do that. I drank a glass of milk to fill my stomach. By this time, I became sad and distressed with the thought that there are people who live every moment of their lives with physical challenge. I was becoming silent inside. My next plan was to get dressed and go to nearby store. I had chosen Sunday for the assignment as I wanted to encounter more people and study their reaction. I finished my breakfast and washed my plates. Getting the plates to the sink and washing them was very difficult as I had to stretch my hands completely to reach the tap. After cleaning, I went to my bedroom to get dressed. Then I realized that I had to take shower. The very idea made me feel like removing the ropes and taking shower. However, I had to remain true to my assignment so I decided to take the shower without removing the ropes. It took me one hour to take shower as I had to drag myself to the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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