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Communication With Parents: Secret Of Better Education Name of the of the University Analysis After analyzing the teacher’s speech, one can find that teacher has done a good job in communication. The three instances, where the teacher’s sensitivity towards parents’ needs and understanding is evident, are as follows: 1) The teacher has taken the assistance of translators while communicating with parents…
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Communication with Parents: Secret of Better Education
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Communication With Parents: Secret Of Better Education of the of the Analysis After analyzing the teacher’s speech, one can find that teacher has done a good job in communication. The three instances, where the teacher’s sensitivity towards parents’ needs and understanding is evident, are as follows: 1) The teacher has taken the assistance of translators while communicating with parents. He says that if any of the parents find it difficult to understand him, the translator can help in making it easy by translating the message in the parent’s native language. 2) The teacher provided a copy of disclosure document to parents. The disclosure document consists of all the information regarding the communication pattern, expectations from students, rules of school, functioning of the classes etc. 3) During the speech, the teacher has also allotted his personal time to parents once a week, in case they need to talk to him personally. The teacher has decided this time keeping in mind the working hours of parents. This shows that the teacher has shown sensitivity towards parents’ schedule. The sensitivity of teacher is evident from the fact that he has taken assistance of translator. It has been found that parents feel helpless when it comes to communication with teachers as their native language is different, and hence, they hesitate in sharing their thoughts and feelings with the teacher in English language (Mendoza Para 3). The assistance of translator can help the parents in understanding every aspect of the message. Moreover, the translator can also encourage them to ask questions and interact with the teacher. The assistance of translator can bridge the communication gap between parents and teachers. Providing a copy of disclosure document can help the parents to understand the way the school functions and know the means through which they can approach the teachers in case they need any help with their children. Also, the allocation of personal time for parents can help parents to be more open and comfortable in approaching the teacher, as it can make them feel that the teacher is truly willing to help them with their queries. The two quotes in the teacher’s speech that gives a hint of insensitivity towards parents are as follows: 1) “I believe in keeping the lines of communication open between us” and 2) “A disclosure document is just a written explanation about how I will grade your children, what my class rules are, and other general information to help you understand my classroom.” In the first quote, the teacher starts the sentence with remark “I believe”. It gives an impression that only the teacher believes, and not the parents, that lines of communication should be open between parents and teachers. This gives a wrong idea to the listener. In the second quote, the use of words “I,” “my class rules” and “my classroom” gives a very authoritative tone to the language. It shows as if the school is not a public place but is run under the teacher’s rules and regulations. It also conveys a dominating and dictatorial nature of the teacher. It also shows that the teacher does not consider the classroom as a place that is equally shared by students and other teachers, but considers it as a place of his individual domination. The first quote showing insensitivity can make parents feel emotionally distant and insulted. This can affect their communication in future as they may feel that the teacher does not consider them open to communication. The second quote may weaken the trust of parents in the teacher. His authoritative language can make them feel insecure and unhappy regarding leaving their children under his guidance. According to study in 1991, it has been observed that students perform better when their parents and teachers communicate with each other regularly and sincerely (Epstein, 2001, p.35). Hence, the barrier created due to teacher’s authoritative and selfish tone can affect children’s performance. It has been found that parents respond very sincerely and with genuine interest whenever they are requested to co-operate by the teachers (Epstein, 2001, p.35). This fact should have been taken in consideration by the teacher. The teacher should have used words like “we,” “our” etc., in his speech instead of words “I” and “my”. Also, while deciding the personal time to be allocated to parents, the teacher should have consulted with the parents regarding what time was more comfortable for them. In this way, the teacher could have shown more sensitivity to the parents’ needs. The teacher would have gained recognition, respect and trust of the parents by doing this. It has been found that teachers who limit or reduce the communication flow are responsible for increase in communication gap between institution of education and families (Epstein, 2001, p.34). Conclusion The flow of information from school to parents depends on teachers (Epstein, 2001, p.35). Parent’s involvement in child’s education ensures better performance, healthy relationship and development of trust in teachers. Hence, the two specific things that a teacher should do are to ensure the development of personal communication with each parent at least once a week, and plan a fun activity in school involving teachers, students and parents, at least once a month. It has been found that parents respond and co-operate with those teachers who are open and willing to include them in their children’s education (Epstein, 2001, p.35). Hence, every teacher should try his best to develop an easy and healthy way to communicate with parents, and to involve them in development of better educational system. References Epstein, J. L. (2001). School, family, and community partnerships. Boulder, CO: Westview Press. Mendoza, J. (2003). Communicating with parents. Clearinghouse on early education and parenting. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Retrieved from  Read More
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