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Tables on Housing in England - Essay Example

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The paper “Tables on Housing in England” will look at the tables, which tell a lot about housing system of England. There are three tables presented in total and they tell various aspects of the housing patterns. For instance, table 1 is about the housing stock…
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Tables on Housing in England
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Download file to see previous pages The smallest number of dwellings is from the North East side with just over a million houses. But there is similarity between the two smallest and largest dwelled areas; the number of semidetached bungalows is the largest in numbers. For North East, they hold up to 41% of all dwellings. Table 2 presents data on house ownerships with categorization by ethnicity. Nearly 18 million household owners are White and British. Out of this number, 40 present of British Whites own their property through mortgage. On the other extreme of the stats, Bangladeshis hold live in 83 thousand houses and nearly half of these are rented from social sector. After the Whites, it’s the Indians that dwell in 335,000 houses and most of these are owned with mortgage, same patterns as the British dwellers. Outright ownership is lowest among Black Africans, which constitute of only 4% of their 247,000 houses while majority of these houses are privately rented. Outright ownership is the highest among British Whites followed by Indians and non-British Whites. Total number of dwellings in England is nearly 21 million and privately rented houses constitute only 12% of the lot. Majority of dwellings comes under the heading of mortgage ownership followed by outright ownership which comprises of 31percent. Table 3 shows interesting stats about English households in terms of the numbers of bedrooms per house. Single bedroom houses have gradually vanished over the past two decades. Last stats reported in 1996/97 suggest that only 1% of all the English houses were single bedroom and in later years, they have completely disappeared. Some interesting trends can be spotted in this table; back in 1991/92, nearly 74% of all dwellings were houses and the rest of them were flats but trends changed down the line, now flats and houses are equal in numbers. Numbers of flats have increased while houses have shrunk for England in the last two decades. A significant increase can be noticed in 2 bedroom flats from the year 2001/2 to 2007/8; two bedroom flats increased from 15% to 36% of total flats. Single bedroom flats show a strange pattern across the time line with gradually declining till 2001/2 then uphill drive reaching to 13% which is quite close to the percentage from where it started. Examine the argument that neighbourly relations are routinely subject to processes of making and remaking. The argument that neighbourly relations are routinely subject to processes of making and remaking also has its support from Chapter 4 where social life has been compared to an endless ‘slow dance’ where the participants are constantly moving and shifting. This is probably the best support that the above argument can get from the text book. Social lives demonstrate their most active display either inside the house or in a community, like a neighbourhood. Just like a dance, neighbours need to stay in proximity but avoid stepping on toes; this demands frequent making and remaking of neighbourly relations. People expect from neighbours to have a ‘general disposition towards friendliness’ but at the same time avoiding ‘intrusion’ (Willmott, 1986, p.55). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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