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Politics in Itself Can Be a Major Force in Determining Growth and Development of a Country: Vietnam and Bengladesh - Essay Example

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Role of Politics in the growth and development of Vietnam and bangladesh Instructor University Growth and Development of Vietnam and Bangladesh Introduction: Politics has largely influenced the process of growth and development of almost all the developing countries…
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Politics in Itself Can Be a Major Force in Determining Growth and Development of a Country: Vietnam and Bengladesh
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Extract of sample "Politics in Itself Can Be a Major Force in Determining Growth and Development of a Country: Vietnam and Bengladesh"

Download file to see previous pages This paper will attempt to study two cases, one of Vietnam and the other of Bangladesh in the light of their political growth leading to the internal developments. The case of Vietnam will be explored first. A deeper look into its achievements and policies along with structural changes and challenges faced by the small country will aid in understanding the purpose behind this study. Same will be done for Bangladesh and later a comparison will be drawn between the two countries of how each managed to survive a downfall in the face of political, social and natural catastrophe. The Case of Vietnam: Vietnam traces its existence since the Paleolithic times. The original civilization was founded by archaeologists to have been present before 1400 BC. Vietnam remained an independent state until the colonization by the French in the 19th century (Popkin, 1979). During the World War, France had to depart the colony and the Japanese took over the region whereby extracting all the natural resources which caused increased rate of death and famine. Vietnam saw a great loss in its economy. The communist regime suffered the post-war humanitarian crisis as millions of people fled the country on cheap boats and Vietnam had to turn to Soviet Union for help (Gainsborough, 2002). With a passage of time, the country underwent several experiments to improve the economic structure. Being a small country, Vietnam started to climb the ladder to success faster than it was expected. Many investors came rushing to open up new businesses (Pierre, 2000). The decline in the economy which lasted three years after the “American war” made most of the businessmen abandon their hopes. They stranded the tall structures they had built and left the country. Within ten years of independence, the “Northernization” campaign forced over 400, 000 people into ideological brainwashing. Speech and religious practice became slaves to the communist South. In the present day, the national economy is mainly run by the industrial parks that are situated at the border of Ho Chi Minh City, along with Mekong delta’s rice paddy fields. This is basically the “Southernization” of the North (Pierre, 2000). Compared to the other Asian countries, Vietnam has a very low donation of land per capita and per agricultural worker. It is through systematic reform that Vietnam has flourished in the agricultural sector. This was probably due to an authorization of a contract between individual households and the cooperatives that had a well maintained structure. State no longer had the right to purchase at low price and the rural economy received incentives. The non-farm private business was no longer restricted and peasants were allowed to sell “marketable surplus” to the private trader. The land rent eventually became moderate (Griffin, 1998). Vietnam, however, managed to achieve growth and reduce poverty through its Foreign Policies. After 1989, the economic reforms introduced to Vietnam proved to be thriving. As compared to countries like Poland and 26 others, Vietnam was performing better. Despite being one of the poorest countries of the world, it rapidly achieved growth comparing its rates with Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and the neighbouring countries. After several occupations and loss of trillions of citizens, Vietnam had become independent in 1975. Since then their purpose was to unify the economies of the south and north to redirect it for ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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