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Corruption, Poverty, Hopelessness, Violance: The Drug War in Latin America and Complicity in North America - Essay Example

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Name Instructor Course December 18, 2011 Corruption, Poverty, Hopelessness, Violence: The Drug War in Latin America and Complicity in North America Somewhere in America, teenagers celebrate the holidays by getting high. A businessman in London reduces his stress, after work, with a snort of coke at the country club…
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Corruption, Poverty, Hopelessness, Violance: The Drug War in Latin America and Complicity in North America
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Download file to see previous pages It attached itself to the drugs they purchased, although the peaceful scenes of their lives do not betray this ugly secret. They are the periphery of the corrupting influence of drug gang activity. Somewhere in Mexico, a policeman looks the other way when his colleague takes a bribe. Somewhere in Brazil, a soldier, assigned to kitchen duty, serves up a satisfying meal to men with blood on their hands and violence in their hearts. Somewhere in Colombia, a boy carries a message for a piece of bread. In a US government office, photographs are taken of smiling US officials and a Mexican official who have allegedly declared war on the cartels. Somewhere in Latin America, a frightened mother of four frightened children, closes her door and remains quiet about what they saw. Dead bodies are everywhere but they do not understand or intend their part in it. They are a middle area of corrupting influence. Bad Guys and Good Guys are not distinct from each other, in this war. The countries involved are not distinct. Drug money and drug enforcement money are not distinct. There is extensive overlap in personnel, territory, and funding on both sides of the war (Finnegan). In fact, it is difficult to talk rationally about “sides”. ...
law enforcement, Quinonez, who worked with the Americans against El Teo’s gang in Mexico, and at the same time worked for Arellano Felix’s cartel, was entertained, three weeks after his arrest, at the swimming pool of the U.S. consul-general in Tijuana, along with Leyzaola who was robustly praised in the consul-general’s speech (Finnegan). Probably no one is as brutal and violence-hungry as Leyzaola, who leads the war on drugs and drug terrorism in Mexico, wreaking terror, arbitrarily, without benefit of legal process, thought also to be supporting a cartel (Finnegan). Even the President of Venezuela turns a blind eye to the involvement of Colombian FARCguerillas and their activities in his country (Vincent). The corruption goes well beyond street level, and holds hands with American officialdom (Finnegan). The President of Mexico sent 10,000 army troops to solve the problem of drugs and organized crime and street violence (Reraud and Reraud). Many of them became part of the problem. Some began working for the drug cartels. Others became as brutal, in their response, and even as arbitrary in applying violent measures as the cartels (Finnegan; Reraud and Reraud). They disarmed the police, due to widespread corruption, but even the non-corrupted police were reduced to carrying slingshots, though they were up against organized crime syndicates with massive resources (Finnegan). Furthermore, half of the police force was fired for corruption and now the army has to be phased out as well (Reraud and Reraud). They failed to stop or even slow down the violence for more than a few months, and now it is worse than ever (Reraud and Reraud). Imprisoned drug lords continue to manage their extensive operation by cell phone, from their ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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