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Marx Was Right: Individuals Can't Just Alter Their Future - Essay Example

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“Marx Was Right”: Individuals Can’t Just Alter Their Future In Michael Apted 49 Up Outline Paragraph 1: Introduction Paragraph 2: It is Not Impossible to Alter One’s Condition Paragraph 3: Awareness of the Social Condition is Only on the Personal Level Paragraph 4: Conclusion I would like to argue that individuals can’t just alter their future, for it is something socio-historically rooted…
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Marx Was Right: Individuals Cant Just Alter Their Future
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Download file to see previous pages In fact, the organization of class is really one strong structure that provides the individuals a set of conditions in which this organization pleases them to make, wherein the individuals have no control over it. I would like to mention how the structure of class remains to exist. Since the wealth of the entire world is not equally distributed, hierarchy in the society takes place. Those individuals who belong to the upper class are privileged to be born rich, while those in the lower class are in a struggle to become rich, for they are born poor. How I see the structure of class is in line with Alon Confino, as he has the same points in his review of Apted’s 7 Up series. As stated in his 42 Up film review, he has agreed that class is not totally eradicated because, in fact, it still functions as unclear indication of wealth and influence based on the respondents of 7 Up series in England (1064). In this case, I strongly perceive the representation of the participants is a very clear indication that the class inequality remains to exist because of the various classes which are covered by the most in-depth program. Its onset has fourteen (14) children coming from different economic backgrounds in which four children are born rich, two boys coming from a charity funded children’s home, four children coming from the lower class, two boys from the middle class while two are ‘wildcard’ children (Bawer). In this way, I consider that inequality, oppression and discrimination of different sorts exist in British despite the fact that the participants of the series reject that idea. The same opinion is true for Confino, for he claims that majority think that England is still a society with some forms of class privilege and discrimination (1064). I consider that in order to improve one’s situation for those who belong to the lower class is a completely long struggle before an individual can totally alter one’s economic condition. To further explain, support and strengthen my position, I would like to use as a case the film 49 Up by Michael Apted. The series has all started with a group of 7 year old children who are interviewed every 7 years since its launch in 1964 (Wilshire 101). The latest is the 49 Up film in which the participants are aged 49 years old. I would like to argue my first point that it is not impossible to alter one’s situation, but what I am saying is, it is difficult. Indeed, it is really hard. I think that in order to alter one’s current economic status, the first step is awareness of the existing social conditions of an individual. After awareness, actual efforts with much determination and skills must follow. I support this with Confino’s viewpoint, as he states that the possibility of changing the status is not be just by means of working hard, but the individual will power, skills and talent must join all together (1241). I would like to give the case of Nick as an example, because he is able to make a way out from being poor, then he has made a name for himself when he become successful. Even if Nick, a son of a farmer, was born poor, he is able to change his situation by means of education. From walking to school to a one-room village school in Yorkshire, Nick studied physics in Oxford, conducted nuclear research in Madison and at ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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