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A Sociological Analysis of Single Women in New Jesey - Case Study Example

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Name Class Professor Date A Sociological Analysis of Single Women in New Jesey I. Abstract The purpose of study is to determine the reason why single women in New Jersey remain single and uncommitted. The research shall objectively understand the underlying reason why single women who are fairly attractive and fairly successful in their careers do not have a significant other despite of choice and readiness…
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A Sociological Analysis of Single Women in New Jesey
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Download file to see previous pages Such, the sample of the study will focus on the female population age 21-35 who are are fairly attractive, single and ready to commit. To establish the respondents’ attraction, it would be important that these respondents are dating to establish that they are “marketable” to the opposite sex. This will add bearing and quality of their reply of the reason why they chose to be single despite of a choice. This study is significant because the determination of the reason why women are single in New Jersey will shed light on the underlying motivation why women refrain from committing themselves even if they can. Also, this study can support and debunk certain notions about women’s behavior in chosing a partner. III. Literature Review One of the most relevant sociological theory applicable to the investigation is the study conducted by Murstein et al who proposed the theory that dating follows the dyadic development theory where relationships begun with an initial stage which attraction is baed on non-interaction cues and moves on to the value stage where interaction facilitates the comparison of value and the appraisal of their compatibility. If their values are compatible, the relationship moves on to the role stage where couples if they can be together for long-term (225). Relationships does not progress if each stage is not fulfilled by either of the couples. In a study of Nye, it was also proposed that dating involves exchange of rewards where the reward of the potential relationship is assessed by each couples vis-a-vis the costs associated to it (48). This study was supported by Sacher and Mark who also reported that couples evaluates the relationship at each stage and progresss when the former has been satisfied (25). According to Sabatelli, couples commitment is affected by three factors First, commitment is thought to be enhanced when indi-viduals experience relationship satisfaction. Individuals are satisfied with their relationships to the extent that the relationships provide high rewards, incur low costs, and exceed their comparison level, which is defined as a "standard by which people evaluate the rewards and costs of a given relationship in terms of what they feel is deserved and/or realistically obtainable" (398). If these factors are not fulfilled, it would be unlikely for an individual to commit. IV. Methods The method that will be used for data gathering shall be the usage of a questionnaire. The questions shall be ordinal in nature that will directly ask why the sample population does not get into a relationship despite having date/dates. This will delineate the data for ranking of the most viable reason of remaining single and to have an ordinal measurement of the data collected. This will identify the reason why the single women of New Jersey remains single despite the choice of being in a relationship. The questions were as follows; Are you dating? ? Yes ? No Are you ready for a committed relationship? ? Yes ? No Reason for not committing in a relationship ? Dating is more fun ? There are not enough good men out there ? Taking time ? still looking for the “one” ? others reason; please specify Do you intend to be in a serious romantic relationship in the future? ? Yes ? No V. Findings Of the 30 women surveyed with the questionnaire, their reply were as follows; 29 out of 30 women surveyed are ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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A Sociological Analysis of Single Women in New Jesey Case Study.
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