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Child Predator - Research Paper Example

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Child Predator Name Outline Child predators are categorized in two segments namely sex offenders and sex predators. Child sex abuse is a crime which leaves an emotional scar on the victim for the rest of his/her life…
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Child Predator Paper
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Download file to see previous pages Religious personals are also involved in this crime. Close family members have also been accused of child sex abuse Child Predator One of the most unimaginable and heinous crime that exist in the world is called child sexual abuse. It is a crime in which an adult uses a child for fulfilling his sexual quench. Every parent hopes for a wonderful life for their offspring and teaches them strong moral codes to live their life. This effort all goes down the drain when some predator takes advantage of their child`s naivetes and vulnerability and shatters their confidence and their will to live. The scar left by this incident is deep and most of these children become afraid and stop trusting adults. When we define child predators, they can be categorized into two types. These include the sex offenders and the sex predators. A sex offender is an individual who has committed a sexual offence and he had mainly one victim. Furthermore, an offender may stop this wrong act after punishment. On the other hand a sexual predator is a person who regularly hunts for sexual situations which are explicit in nature and he tends to continue his sexual acts despite of being caught. No matter which classification an individual falls into both of them are considered a crime and the punishment for them does require the person to stay in jail for a period of time (Ramsland 2010). Child predators are people who take advantage of children in a wrongful manner. They misuse their authority of being an adult and manipulate these kids to submit to their evil desires. The problem is that most of these children do not understand that they are being mistreated at first and also feel ashamed to speak out in public about the experience they have gone through. This is a big problem because most of these predators do not get caught until they have committed this crime to more than one child (Ramsland 2010). This crime is so much fatal for the sanctity of human society that these child predators should not be awarded anything less than a life sentence. In the United States of America, the seriousness of the issue was understood and the House of Representatives decided to take notice of child predators in the year 1996. Representative Louise M. Slaughter proposed a plan that if any criminal was found of subjecting a child to sexual abuse even after serving punishment, he should be sentenced to life imprisonment. This plan received a very strong vote response in the House with 411 votes in favor and only 4 votes against this stand. Important Representatives in the House suggested taking strong measures against child sexual offenders. Mr. Zimmer who was a Republican favored the bill for life imprisonment for second time child sex offenders by saying, “With the passage of this bill we put the rights of children over the rights of criminal sexual predators.” (Gray 1996) An argument is put that the sex offenders should not be given a life sentence and they should be allowed to live normally after they get out of prison. The public access to the database of the registered sex offenders has discriminated against these people and does not permit them to live a normal life in the society. In the month of November, 2011 a convicted sex offender was sentenced to 66-89 months in jail when he sent a Facebook friend request to one of his victim. Victor Terrell Gaston is a registered sex offender since 2003 and only started using Facebook two weeks ago. The incident took place ten ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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