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What's Eating Gilbert Grape The movie - Essay Example

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No matter how much a family, who doesn’t have parents who perform their duties, tries to function as normally as possible would have a real tough time, if not impossible, to function accordingly. In the film What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, the struggles of a dysfunctional family who tries their very best to keep the family intact to function like a regular one are outstandingly depicted…
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Whats Eating Gilbert Grape The movie
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Download file to see previous pages Although the story may not be as ordinary as usual, it is easily relatable. For a family who has a father who killed himself, a mother who has practically stopped living after her husband’s demise, a brother who has run away from all the issues of the family and a special brother who has special needs, it certainly is tough to keep such family whole in all aspects when it has been broken for the longest time to start with. Intervention With all the givens mentioned above, as a social worker, an intensive intervention should be conducted with the Grapes. Awareness of the pressing issues within the family should be achieved, which entails a close review of each of the members of the family. Knowing each of the members’ take on the existing concerns the family faces is an essential part of the intervention as to know how to deal with each of them. In the film, it is portrayed that the mother, Mrs. Grape, has never left the house for 7 years, which could have been the reason behind her gaining so much weight. Basing the character of the mother in the story, she certainly has been undergoing depression since her husband committed suicide at basement of their house thirteen years back. Tagged with the loss of a child who ran away a few years after her husband’s death, it is not surprising that the series of events has taken its toll on her, which caused her to stay inside the house and not go out at all. Towards the end of the film when Gilbert comes back What’s Eating… 3 home, apologizing to his mother for hitting Arnie, his brother who needs special care, it may be interpreted that Mrs. Grape somehow blames herself for the her son, Larry, leaving the house. Although her realization of her being part of the problem of the family comes along in the film, she is not able to straighten things out for herself due to her death. Had this realization came early on, she would’ve have been able to reconcile with her realities instead and have been able to help her family recuperate from the tragic events that happened in the past. It could have prevented Larry from running away, allowed Gilbert to enjoy his life and still manage to take care of his brother, Arnie, avoided Amy from being the mother of the family, made Ellen understand her brother, Arnie, and would have allowed herself to go on and continue living and eventually move on from the past and still be able to perform her duties as a single mother to her kids. A realization of the issues of the family is an integral part of the intervention of a social worker in order to address all the issues and come up with a feasible plan to help the family heal and eventually become functional. Gilbert, on the other hand, also has some personal issues to address. It will be noticed that he asks a friend, Tucker, to help him check the brace of the flooring of their house. He himself can do the job alone but since it entails going down to the basement where his father died, he asks Tucker to do it for him. This can be interpreted that although Gilbert accepts the death of his father, deep inside, he is reluctant about this reality. There can be many factors behind his reluctance but one of the most glaring factors is him being relied on by his family at his early age. When he goes away after hitting Arnie for being such a pain, he soon realizes how important a figure he is in the family. (What’s Eating Gilber Grape, 2006) The important aspect of an invention of a social worker to a dysfunctional family is to What’s Eating… ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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What'S Eating Gilbert Grape The Movie Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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