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Sociology of development and Globalization - Essay Example

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Your Name Your Subject/Course Date Finals: Sociology 1.1 Describe and explain three measures of poverty and/ or inequality on the international level. Briefly analyze one example with regard to each of the measures. In addition, discuss one major advantage and one major shortcoming of each of the measures…
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Sociology of development and Globalization
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Download file to see previous pages Other methods can be as simple as looking at the World Bank’s Living Standards Measurement Survey; or checking the International Poverty Line; or even checking the Human Development Index (Luek). Poverty or inequality is basically a deprivation of necessities that would empower humanity towards living a better life. For example, a family living in a remote area without access to running water and electricity – that is a family living in poverty. One can measure it through those various methods mentioned above (Luek). According to the World Bank, it is a pronounced deprivation of well-being. This method of determining poverty is quite easy, but then it is too qualitative. How can one measure well-being? How can you say it is “pronounced”? Of course, one can say that you know it once you see it, but then again, in research, everything has to be quantified, so they quantified it through the living standards measurement survey. The problem with this is that it is applied to all nations and societies. Sometimes, what is normal for a community may not be normal for another community. For example, a certain tribe is culturally required lived in thatched houses. Of course that is “living poverty” but not for them; should the society “uplift” their way of living by endangering culture? Another method is identifying the threshold for the minimum level of subsistence. This is like the previous method, which quantifies the qualitative characteristic of, in this case, level of subsistence. This is easy because one can just assign numbers and check if the people reached the threshold. Then that would be easily documented. However, subsistence is also subjective. There are people who can survive even if they have virtually nothing, and they are not complaining. This is how the way they live and they have adapted to that certain kind of lifestyle. They subsist even if they live in a society that’s not abundant. The last is to generate a poverty threshold level based on the incidence of poverty. This is by far the easiest measure since one should just count on the incidence of poverty. However, that concept of “poverty” is subjective as well, because, well, the definition of poverty being used in this whole setup is a Western Concept. There are cultures in developing countries that the Westerners perceive as a backward, impoverished way of life but they are actually not. Those are the weaknesses of these methods of determining the poverty level. 1.2 Briefly describe and explain the Segmented Labor Market Theory. Discuss and explain the relevance of the theory with regards to globalization and international migration Segmented Labor Market Theory occurs when a labor market is segmented. This segmentation is common in globalization. This happens because the capitalists from the industrialized countries outsource their production to developing countries (Luek). The Segmented Labor Market Theory is a theory that states that the workers’ wages would depend on their skills and level of education and experience. Thus, compensation becomes different for each (kind of) worker. It has three sectors: the first sector which is capital intensive; the second sector which is labor intensive; and the last sector which happens to blend both features of the primary and secondary sector. In the first sector, the capitalist-intensive sector, offers stable, skilled jobs offered to those who have finished schooling. The employers in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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