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Innovation and Society - Essay Example

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Innovation and Society Introduction For the past several years, the impact of scientific discoveries and technological innovations has been confined in the premise of natural sciences and other disciplines but not so much in social sciences…
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Innovation and Society
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Download file to see previous pages The discoveries of the power of computer and other gadgets were seen to be global and these days, it is impossible to encounter communities or people who are not affected with these technological discoveries. Understanding the role of innovation on human societies highlights replying to the following questions with mobile phone as the selected technological discovery involved. A. Has mobile phone affected stratification in the society? Has it reduced poverty? B. Has mobile phone reshaped patterns of family or community? C. Has mobile phone changed the patterns of social control or deviance? D. Has mobile phone changed any parts of society (religion, education, government)? Body Has mobile phone affected stratification in the society? Has it reduced poverty? Mobile phone has obviously created certain changes in the stratification within the society. It has made wealthy and powerful people not as distinct as before. With the use of cell phone, it is difficult to identify who belongs to the higher and lower strata of the community. Along this line, cell phone has modified the class and status defined by Max Weber as group of people who have the same wealth, income, lifestyle, and prestige not much of importance (Schaefer, 208). Wealthy and powerful people could be easily reached these days. ...
Whether the message is against or not for a certain individual belonging to a higher echelon of the society, feelings and ideas of other people are communicated to them. Cell phone had also reduced poverty with a wide margin as exemplified in some parts of Africa. Its advent brought significant change in services such as calling for medical help when needed, sending messages to love ones, sending inquiries for business among others. In fact, a book entitled “the end of poverty” had been written about the role of cell phone in the lives of the impoverished population. Since isolation contributes much to poverty, the realization to be freed from it through cell phone use is a great help. People who remain to be isolated from any government services such as education, medical services, and other amenities stays to be in the same poor condition without mobile phone. However, people who have access to these services are likely to improve their lives. For instance, communities situated in far flung areas still benefit from medical services through scheduled consultation. Such schedule can be transmitted through cell phone. Likewise, farmers who wish to market their produce to nearby areas are guided with the prices and the condition of the road during bad weathers through sending message for inquiries leaving them the option to market their products in other areas where they could profit more. Has Mobile phone Reshaped Patterns of Family and Community? Mobile phone had also reshaped the family and community in positive and negative manners. It strengthened family bonds in a modernized way. Family members are connected through calls and text messages even if they are far apart. For instance, families with ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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