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College Transfer to University of California - Personal Statement I hail from a family in China. My father is an operator and mother, an accountant. When I was young, my parents taught me to treat people sincerely and in a friendly manner, and hence take an objective look at the things around me…
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College Transfer to University of California
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Download file to see previous pages We often have various activities, such as an activity to give a magic show to the children in a kindergarten. The reason why I am still in the Magic Club is because magic can allow me to see the expression of joy and surprise on people’s faces. This interchange makes me happy. I love the feeling I get when I present a magic show to the people. It colored my college life as I took part in the magic club not only to enjoy myself or to get a self-gratification from others’ praise and clapping, but also to bring happiness and enjoyment to others. What’s more, the Magic Club allowed me to learn how to communicate with people in different classes, know more about the society, and help with my major in essence. I have grown up under the traditional Chinese education system and hence that reason that I have a very high standard requirement regarding myself. Under the influence of my parents, I chose business and management as my major when I first entered the college. It was only a year later that I decided to have further studies in Sociology. It was an accidental occurrence that I ended up with Sociology. It was in the beginning of the second year of my university. I followed my friends who chose a course by the name of Sociology. I just started to learn it for the sake of fun initially. But after a few classes, professor's explanation and the content of the book, I began to have great interest in Sociology. I found myself to be interested towards observing others’ behaviors to study the business division. From then onwards, I started to ask myself some questions whenever I met people – where these people come from; why they act differently compared to me, what kind of background they have; what kind of social form is applicable in their country. When I didn’t decide whether to study further within the aegis of Sociology, I felt disturbed. My professor, Mr. Pasion made an important impact towards my decision to continue with Sociology. Mr. Pasion’s vivid teaching in class made me find out that a national process not only connects with a single person, but also has relations with the educational system, the life environment of everyone, the evolution of the team, the social status, and the life attitude of different genders, and the people in the background. How human beings become influenced by our society, how people influence the whole society and other questions were found out by Sociology. I determined that I was interested in answering such kind of questions. I’m now deeply interested in human history and the process of the social formation and I quite respect the sociologists’ works for the subject. Sociology is a study of human behavior in social groups. We all know that the world now has become a lucid problem like racism, sexism, social injustices, and different kinds of prejudices. These problems have put the entire world in a great social crisis. Conflicts between different cultures, nationalities, and backgrounds cannot be easily resolved. I’m eager to learn Sociology to find an answer of these problems. I think studying Sociology can give a deeper understanding of complex issues, and help us get a better understanding of our own selves. What’s more, it allows me to know how different social formations have varied methods to process in different countries. I believe this course can help me know how to make my way through team work, and help me to have good relationships ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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