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The Internet and Social Capital - Essay Example

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Name Instructor Task Date The Internet and Social Capital Social capital is a notion used in sociology and refers to the connections between the community networks that serve the society. This concept brings to light the value of community relations and the role that cooperation along with confidence plays in helping the community to bear communal or fiscal results (Plummer, 2005)…
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The Internet and Social Capital
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Download file to see previous pages The emergence of the Internet has enabled an ease in communication across national and international borders. The Internet was originally developed by the United States government defense department in the 1960’s (Lee, 2006). It was also originally referred to as ARPANET, and the current version came into being in the year 1989. This was done to enable communication between researchers located far away from one another. The Internet also provides features such as email services and weblogs to assist the members of a community in the efficient exchange of information (Cohen and Prusak, 2006). Previous indications of Internet usage show that the spread of its use is on the rise in Asia, Africa, Middle East and Latin America. They all have below 40% usage among their population of the Internet. The Internet enables people from different backgrounds having diverse attitudes and values to interact across large areas. The use of the Internet can have either a positive or a negative effect. The concept of social capital enables individuals to use resources from other members in their networks for purposes of gaining fiscal and non-fiscal benefits. These benefits range from having improved living and working conditions, improvements of status in society, joy and self-admiration. Individuals are able to accumulate communal capital through the use of their abilities which range from charisma, respect for others and leadership skills. They can also accumulate it by investing and maintaining their communal networks (Putman, 2008). Investing in social capital is expensive in terms of the prices charged, the efforts required and the time spent on the activities. The lack of communal connections contributes greatly to an individual becoming deprived. This form of communal isolation could easily result in one encountering several risks in communal unity, health and well being (Lee, 2006). The spread of communal capital enables people to acquire new skills and develop other learning abilities. Networks that exist in the communities such as Facebook and Twitter are vital types of unofficial learning methods. They provide facilities that enable the exchange of information, search for advice and indulge in activities that upgrade work skills. Plenty of chances for making economic benefits are availed by the Internet along with job opportunities (Plummer, 2005). Many companies and organizations opt to go for the Internet as their favorite form of advertising method. This is because it caters for many users, covers large geographical areas and expands the company’s market to cover larger areas. The usage of the Internet advances the users’ chances of employment and increases their productivity. This is because the Internet facilitates the advertisement of qualifications and offers employment opportunities across a variety of fields. The Internet also facilitates the effective exchange of information between users, business people and their partners. This is usually for the purposes of establishing a more stable and efficient market (Plummer, 2005). The use of the Internet has enabled a growth in the participation of people in various political activities, social engagements and the activities of governing communities. Social engagements are greatly influenced by friends and workmates through various sites offered in the Internet such as ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Internet and Social Capital Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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