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Japanese Women and Homophobia - Essay Example

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"I have been a victim of discrimination given my lesbian sexual orientation and I want to juxtapose my experiences with various scenarios depicted in the novel my year of meats. I hope the society will reevaluate their moral values to accord justice to those they oppress with their personal views that are not related in any way to universal moral justice." …
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Japanese Women and Homophobia
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Japanese Women and Homophobia

Download file to see previous pages... Homophobia is a result of negative attitudes towards people who are not heterosexual in behavior, identity, community and relationships. This in turn causes discrimination towards transgender, lesbians, bisexuals and gay people. Homophobia takes on different manifestations as seen in media representation, homophobic jokes, and discrimination and physical attacks in places of work. In the book, my year of meats, social hypocrisy is unearthed and discrimination against lesbians portrayed as not only immoral, but a possible future crime.
A look at www.melsweb.com gives an insight into matters related to lesbianism regarding Japanese women. Homophobia is depicted as irrational fear for members who are not heterosexual. In Japan, people fear professing their sexual orientation openly. www.desaction.org gives deeper insight regarding growth accelerating hormones that affect human health as discussed in the book my year of meats.
The mood in my year of meats can best be described as strong, hilarious, wonderful, funny, absurd, disturbing, heart wrenching and at times shocking. In the novel, Jane the Japanese-American filmmaker has been hired to produce for the Japanese television audience a series of documentaries. The documentary is funded by an American meat export industry which aims to open a meat market in Japan. The documentary goes by the name “My American Wife.” A “normal, wholesome” American family is depicted in each show. There is the preparation of meat recipe, mainly beef as the center piece of the show. Jane is reminded by the producer that other than beef, pork and other meats is second class meats and is challenged to keep that in mind by reciting the motto: “Beef is best, though pork is possible!”...
Elsewhere across the globe, there is the wife of the Japanese producer. She goes by the name Akiko and she is compelled by her abusive husband to watch the shows and prepare for him similar recipes. The abusive husband compels her to eat lots of meat to help her add wait. This is hypocritical in that his abusive behavior is probably the reason she has lost appetite due to depression making her loose weight. He also pre supposes that if she eats a lot of meat, she could improve on her fertility which is also hypocritical in that she has lost fertility due to the effects of growth altering hormones D.E.S found in beef products (Leupp, 1997, 77). In her travel across the United States, scrutinizing families for the program, Jane discovers a whole different lot of family set-ups that deviate from what the producer considers “wholesome and normal” families and wives. At first, she attempts without success to film an African American family, nonetheless she manages to shoot a show depicting a big interracial family which has a lot of adopted children. Consequentially, her subversive impulses breaks loose and she goes ahead to make shows featuring a vegetarian, lesbian and inter-racial couple. The producer is awestruck and is very unhappy. This is a classic representation of people who are closed minded and they tend to define the world through cultural glasses nurtured within the limits of their physical and intellectual environments. Needless to say, this is a cause of social friction because what the producer fails to acknowledge that what he considers normal and abnormal might be the exact opposite in a different part of the world. My Asian parents fail to realize that, the problem of lesbianism lies not in me but in them. This is because of their failure to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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