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Income Inequality in Canada and Health - Essay Example

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Income Inequality in Canada and Health Name Institution Income Inequality in Canada and Health Social and economic status of an individual often contributes to the type of services that the individual get in the society. An ancient scholar Raphael in his 2007 publication, Poverty and Policy in Canada: Implications for Health and Quality of Life, depicted that poverty has a great influence to the nature of services that a person would get in healthcare…
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Income Inequality in Canada and Health
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Download file to see previous pages Researcher handling issues of health and income distribution in the society have come to conclude that social economic status of an individual is a determining factor in acquisition of healthcare. Poverty information gives an insight of what takes place in the lower classes of the society, but income distribution is another factor that influences health care provision in the society. Evident from the economic growth as analyzed by Turner (2005), Canada is a country that enjoys a stable economy, which has led to better living standards of most of its subjects. The employment level of the country has contributed a lot in shaping the economic and social level of Canadians. The growth trends in Canada and the social issues in the society have attracted research in the disparity in the acquisition of health by the Canadian poor. Social policies provide guidelines for acquisition of health care service by the people of Canada, yet some people still grapple in poor health acquisition. Sociologist site several factors that are responsible for the current situation in Canada. Study shows that Canadian poor experience adverse health outcome compared to other persons of higher socio economic status (Shortt & Shaw, 2003). The intention of this paper is to establish why the Canadian poor experience adverse health outcome. The social practices enacted by the Canadian government seem to influence the above factor. Most policies of the country aim at improving the social conditions of the citizens. Social report about Canada indicates that it have developed the best social policies for its citizens. This report and the social report regarding the adverse health outcome for the Canadian poor need more research in order to unleash the truth. Raphael (2007) believes that income inequality contributes to the poverty level in Canada. Research indicates that between 1997 and 2000 most Canadians enjoyed high income because of employment opportunities in the country. This led to decline in poverty level in Canada in 1990s. On the contrary, poverty level in Canada is currently higher than it was in the past. This indicates that the country has a social gap, which it should close. The widening of the income gap in the society has contributed to the widening of the social services in the society. For example, a research conducted in Toronto indicated that the social gap in the region is quite large. Another research conducted by the Canadian government indicated that the segregation level in terms of economic status of an individual has increased in the recent past (Shortt, & Shaw, 2003). The evidence produced on income inequality in Canada indicates that the Canadian government has not been able to contain the growing level of economic disparity in the country. As sociologists, Macionis & Gerber (2010) argue that the government has initiative of developing policies, which would reduce the gaps in economic status. This is to mean that reduction of poverty level in Canada would influence health status of the country. From sociological perspective, it would be arguable that that the current trends in Canadian healthcare provision resulted from the economic gap that exist between the haves and the have not. Income level of an individual would determine ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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