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Regulating Pharmaceutical Promotions in Canada - Research Proposal Example

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Regulating pharmaceutical promotions in Canada Name Institution Topic Regulating pharmaceutical promotional activities through political channels to provide complete and accurate information regarding prescription drugs. Goal The purpose of this study is to investigate potential methods of regulating and compelling pharmaceutical companies to reveal to the public information as regards promotion of prescription drugs to the extent that it’s within the legal limits as set by the Food and Drugs Act of Canada…
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Regulating Pharmaceutical Promotions in Canada
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Download file to see previous pages Objectives To analyze the pharmaceutical advertisements carried out by the pharmaceutical companies targeting the public in an effort to decipher the kind of information that they convey. The fundamental purpose of this is to collect data that overtly demonstrates the kind of information that the various forms of advertising present to the public and then use this information to formulate regulatory policy with regard to this forms of advertisement, and the interests of all stakeholders in mind (Palumbo, & Mullins, 2002). To investigate the current regulatory policies in place and whether they are effective in controlling the promotion of prescription drugs available in Canada. This will give invaluable insight into whether the current policies are effective and how suggested changes to these policies will be beneficial to the public at large (Noris, herxheimer, Lexchin, & Mansfield, 2004). To investigate the current status of healthcare due to widespread advertising of prescription drugs to consumer. The idea is to examine the impact of advertising on healthcare and whether effective regulation via formulation and implementation of effective policies will be beneficial (Mintez, 2006). Hypothesis and Questions The questions to be addressed by this proposal include: What kind of information is contained within the pharmaceutical advertisements? Is there currently any policy in place that clearly stipulates regulatory guidelines as pertains to the kind of information that can be disclosed to the public with regard to prescription drugs? Are these policies effective? Has the current state of health been affected by the advertisements? Are there any necessary changes to be made to these policies? The hypotheses of this proposal include: Pharmaceutical companies carry out advertising campaigns on prescription drugs and in the process provide information to the public in contravention of established regulatory frameworks e.g. the Food and Drugs Act of Canada. The current regulatory policies in Canada are ineffective in controlling the promotion of prescription drugs to the public by pharmaceutical companies. The current status of healthcare in Canada is better as a result of the widespread promotional activities by the pharmaceutical companies. Rationale Pharmaceutical companies are obsessed with hitting profit targets and maximizing their sales volume to the extent that they contravene already established legislature spelt out unequivocally on the kind of information that can be revealed to the public as regards prescription drugs (Department of Justice, 2011). There is legislation governing the kind of information to be revealed to the public one such legislation is the Food and Drugs Act which expressly stipulates that there shall be no advertisement to the general public of any drug intended for the purposes of preventing, curing, or treatment of serious diseases (Health Canada, 2008). It also prohibits the promotion or advertising of pr ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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