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Description of the Career that I would like to have. Similarities between Safeway Inc. and Exxon Mobil Company - Essay Example

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I would like to have a career as a head of the marketing department in a large company. This job involves coming up with new ideas that would help the organization to explore new markets and put strategies that would help to improve the market numbers of the organization’s products…
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Description of the Career that I would like to have. Similarities between Safeway Inc. and Exxon Mobil Company
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Extract of sample "Description of the Career that I would like to have. Similarities between Safeway Inc. and Exxon Mobil Company"

Download file to see previous pages Apart from coordinating the sales promotion activities of the organization; the head of marketing department job requires passion and understanding of the organization’s business activities.
Even though there are various similarities in the operations of this job, various organizations have differentiated this job description by incorporating some additional responsibilities in this department. The differences in the job description of the organizations may be due to the type of business, the number of employees in the organization, the company’s policies etc. For example, in Safeway Inc, which is a chain of supermarket business; the head of marketing department ensures that the various products of the supermarket are well marketed. This involves incorporation of various marketing strategies that is well suited for this organization such as good publicity. On the other hand, in an organization like Exxon Company; the head of marketing department has a wider responsibility of ensuring good sales for the various products. In Exxon, the staff at the marketing department must be well versed with the type of markets available for its products. Therefore, a career as the head of the marketing department is not only involving but gives one a challenge to create new ideas that would be beneficial for the organization.
provides a serene environment for the provision of experience and gaining of expertise in the marketing department. Training and promotion opportunities Safeway Inc. carries out various training programs to keep its employees well versed in its retail business. The training is usually done through seminars, workshops field trips etc. In addition, the company fosters team building by organizing joint activities that bring together workers from different departments. In terms of promotions, Safeway Inc. has a professional code that governs the job promotions of different employees. These promotions are done considering various factors such as the level of education, work experience, the performance of the employees etc. Compensation Compensation acts as a motivating factor for employees at Safeway Inc. because it promotes loyalty and improves their dedication to work. Work compensation are in the form of payment of overtime and giving allowances to employees such as house allowance, travelling allowance and medical insurance. Statement of corporate social responsibility “At Safeway Inc. corporate social responsibility is the core of what we do; we are committed to improving lives and communities” (Safeway Inc website) Job location The job in Safeway Inc can either be located in one of the supermarket chains or in its headquarters in California. However, employees are subject to job transfers as per the company rules and regulations. Company 2 – Exxon Mobil Company Brand of the organization Exxon Mobil Company is a multinational US based company that deals with oil and gas products. It also deals with lubricants, petrochemicals and owns various oil refineries in the world (Exxon Mobil website). Employment benefits A job at Exxon Mobil is an ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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