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Modern Institutions - Nation States - Essay Example

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MODERN Modern Institutions- Nation States MODERN INSTITUTIONS-NATION STATES Abstract This paper will examine the pros and cons of governance within a transnational entity, the European Union, and a nation state, the United States, especially in relation to the pursuit of foreign policy…
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Modern Institutions - Nation States
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Modern Institutions - Nation States

Download file to see previous pages... bowson.edu) In fact it is recognized in the Canadian constitution as a “distinct society”. However, it does not exercise political sovereignty over its’ territory. Canada is a state with sovereignty over a fixed territory including Quebec. However it is not a nation state since it recognizes 2 official languages (English and French), and its’ borders do not coincide with a single dominant culture (www.bowson.edu). An example of a nation state would be Mexico since it has a single dominant Hispanic culture within its borders. A modern nation state can be distinguished from its feudal predecessor (www.slideshare.net). The feudal model is characterized by a powerful church and feudal kingdoms which provided support and protection. From this the modern nation state evolved which has the following elements 1) centralization of power 2) initially strong monarchs later curbed by the state 3) authority of Catholic Church challenged 4) rising sense of nationalism 5) standing armies financed by state 6) development of state bureaucracies and in some cases quelling of political opposition by the state. MODERN INSTITUTIONS-NATION STATES How US Fits Criteria and Functions of Modern Nation State. The United States has a fixed border including 6 miles of territorial waters in the Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic Oceans bordering on its land territory over which it claims sovereignty. This sovereignty includes the air space above the land and water territories. The borders were established by treaty recognized and respected by most other countries. However the US defends its borders by border patrols, coast guard, police and armed forces and in some cases fences. Within its borders the US federal government exercises political sovereignty in accordance with its constitution. Although the US has many cultures within it spread across the country, it has only a single dominant English speaking culture officially recognized in its constitution.(unlike Canada). Furthermore, at least until recently the US pursued a policy of encouraging immigrants to integrate into the mainstream culture (melting pot theory) rather than pursuing the multicultural model of allowing immigrants to retain their original culture. Foreign Policy Objectives of United States The most important foreign policy objective of the US is to protect its territorial integrity. “This extends beyond its physical territory. It also includes protecting one’s embassies and safeguarding one’s military forces stationed in or visiting other MODERN INSTITUTION-NATION STATES countries” (ucc.edu) It also includes working with other counties and international organizations such as the UN to maintain international balance of power, protect universal human rights, American nationals in foreign countries and access to strategic resources, and to foster economic development throughout the world and the interests of American business. European Union as a Transnational Entity The forerunner of the European Union (EU) was the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC) established in the early 1950s (europa.eu). Six countries namely Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg agreed to run the coal and steel industries under a common management. The impetus for this agreement was to prevent individual countries from secretly rearming and creating the risk of a recurrence of World War II. It also had economic benefits, eliminating customs duties within the group, providing uniform prices, and production controls ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Not so much that religion has become politicized; it is mainly that politics has become religionized. Through enduring absolutism, worldly struggles have been transformed into a sacred battle. In addition, Juergensmeyer claimed that enemies become “satanized”, and thus compromise and negotiation become difficult.

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