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Personal subculture (the equestrian culture) - Essay Example

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Personal Subculture (The Equestrian Culture) Equestrianism, also known as horse riding, is one of the most enjoyable activities that involves human interaction with animals. Horses are normally trained and ridden for purposes of practical work like controlling animals in a ranch or police work…
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Personal subculture (the equestrian culture)
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Download file to see previous pages Horse riding is a dual sex game. The equestrian championships cater for the competitive desires of both men and women and thus there are championships for both sexes. In horse riding, the horse and its riders are equally treated as competitors in the game and thus winning or loosing is for both of them. In most parts of the world, the public is always able to access horses through ranches, horse parks and public stables that give guided and independent horse riding. People pay for them to use such horses either for training or for competitions. However, there are some people who own their own horses. This is more common in places like Middle East where a significant percentage of people love horse riding. Personally, I engage in horse riding mainly for recreational purposes. I am deeply in love with the equestrian culture and riding has been a massive part of my life since I was a little girl. I come from the Middle East where the equestrian culture is very popular. In my country, Saudi Arabia, the equestrian culture receives a lot of attention and it is highly respected. Saudi Arabia is one of the most conservative Muslim nations in the world. Women are not allowed to drive cars hence they have to be driven around by their husbands, fathers, sons or other appropriate male persons. Amazingly, they are allowed to ride horses. Although some of the Saudi Arabian people believe that women participation in horse riding is against its culture, many husbands and parents, including mine, are very supportive to their wives or daughter who develop interest in horse riding. Having lived in such an environment in my childhood, I developed a natural affinity for horse riding from a tender age. My father was such a good horse rider and participated on many equestrian championships. During these horse riding competitions, mother would take me along just to cheer him. My father also owned a horse and thus the horse was part of my life as I grew up and all these factors made me to develop a strong attachment to the equestrian culture. At that tender age, my parents also realized that I loved watching horses more than any other types of animals both in reality, in books or through various types of media. Over the weekend, we could visit my uncle who owned a range but the cattle there never caught my attention as such. I would constantly nag my father about wanting to ride the horses I saw and this motivated him to buy me a horse whom I would always feed him and love to stroke his body. As soon as I reached 7 years of age, my parents introduced me officially to horse riding by enrolling me in a professional horse riding training. I gained the skills and the confidence faster and begun participating in horse riding championship. I would go to the common equestrian clubs or private equestrian clubs where women riders mostly went. My parents always encouraged me and my father longed to see a replication of his equestrian championship in me. Benefits from horse riding Ever since I became part of this culture, there are several things that have improved in my life because of the benefits of equestrian culture. My parents keep reminding me that when I was a young child, I was so cowardly that I would rarely stand in front of people and say my name or simply greet them. rarely would I go out of the house alone or play alone at the verandah. I was never sure of my ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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