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Impact Of Selective Abortion In India - Essay Example

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Sex-selective abortion is the method applied in a sex-selection, practiced in cultures where a boy child is valued over a girl child. The paper "Impact Of Selective Abortion In India" gives information about history, methods, and implications of sex-selective abortion in India…
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Impact Of Selective Abortion In India
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Download file to see previous pages However, a census survey carried out in 1871 revealed that the infanticide’s effectiveness had caused a significant abnormal sex ratio; 940 women to 1000 men. Because the realized ratio reflected an inverse, having been compared with the observation made in England, India invited a lot of speculation. Other countries like England reflected a statistic ratio with women outnumbering men. Some suggestions were raised, with an Indian commissioner saying that the increase of male birth is proportionate to the climatic warmth. The commissioner’s statement is drawn from the British government, 1870, Miller’s quotation, in 1981.
Other investigators realized the Indian ratio was as a result of the higher mortality of women than that of men. Causes of women deaths included natural causes like childbirth; unnatural causes, on the other hand, included infanticide and “sati,” where “sati” a widow throws herself on the funeral pyre of the husband. The subsequent census revealed that there was no improvement in the Indian ratio despite the attempts implemented.
The Infanticide Act faced difficulties in enforcement since most births used to occur in homes, yet vital registration was uncommon. Autopsies were not carried out on corpses in exception to the unusual instances where the police notification was done.
The high infant mortality with the affiliation of natural causes gave room for possible infants to be suffocated, poisoned, or even starved yet this did not initiate further suspicions. Furthermore, since the practice is widespread accepted, it is vague if one would be morally compelled to a point of reporting suspicious incidents. When the government of Britain realized how the legislation was limited, British put extra effort in curtailing the infanticide incidences. There was the establishment of a dowry fund from the government which would aid families in destitute of feeling as though cannot afford another girl child. The government together with the princely families held a meeting in which the government threatened the respective families with fines and imprisonment. There was a possibility of the government’s effect in curtailing the infanticide although many people had a feeling that infanticide was mainly supplanted by subtle neglect; the girl child would receive a lesser attention compared to the attention bestowed on a boy child. She is also poorly fed and suffers from the cold as well as chills - one of the greatest contributors of child mortality in India. The act of infanticide amongst female became the other policies to be implemented by the British government. These policies were put in place following the uncertainty of legal retribution. Sequentially, the prevalence of infanticide reflected a drastic change following the data collected on the census conducted in 1981. There was continuous decline in sex ratio in 1981, indicating a slight improvement to 934 from 934 women per 1000 men. The improvement was because of the improving women status as evidenced in births of a number of several female groups. Better health care as well as a fall in maternal mortality, in a span of economic development. Optimistically, projections were made concerning the ratio of 1000 men to 944 women in 1993. Sex Selective Abortion ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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