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Martin Luther Kings Last March - Essay Example

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An essay "Martin Luther King’s Last March" reports that notably, Luther and his team held a march to the capital D.C to present their grievance to the government. The story is told by Shamar Thomas, who was a veteran sergeant of the Marine Corps…
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Martin Luther Kings Last March
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Extract of sample "Martin Luther Kings Last March"

Download file to see previous pages The sociologists would have various interpretations of the story. Mostly, they would argue that the story depicts the right to equality among the people. Considering the situation in the country at the time, the people were not treated equally because; prejudice engulfed the so-called dominant racial class (Redakteur, 2011). The minority and poor people from the less dominant races were disregarded and not given equal treatment in accessing the social justice and employment opportunity. Second, the sociologists would argue in the line of racial discrimination as the other cause of the march. Martin Luther Kings was fighting for the rights of the social minority groups who were poor and discriminated. Particularly, the protest was to mark the largest in the country’s history (Martin, 1963). Other economists would argue in the aspects of the economic power of the people when Luther Kings called the march as “the poor people’s campaign” (Martin, 1963). His intention was to create a drama, in the capital, to signify the suffering that the poor people underwent. Furthermore, he preempted that the government would only consider the plight of the poor people, through mass action and widespread, but, systematic civil disobedience. During the period, there was an economic injustice for the poor people (Shamar, 2011). They were segregated, with limited access to the economic gains in the country such as employment. Indeed, the country had achieved little regarding the economic justice, though the government had succeeded in the desegregation of the people and voting rights especially to the black community in the country (MNS, 2005). Literally, discrimination is a sociological problem that the country’s leadership needed to address urgently, to restore the harmonious coexistence of the people from the different racial background (Redakteur, 2011). Through discriminatory practices, the government could not offer the solution to poverty, which was the central social problem of the people. In essence, there was demand for fundamental changes in the governing structure of the country, to ensure that the people became economically empowered. Notably, economic power and social freedom are intertwined, meaning that the people cannot achieve social freedom if they are economically incapacitated. Question 3 The Sociological Issues Discussed Some of the sociological issues that were discussed included social injustices including segregation, lack of freedom and discrimination and economic injustice, for example, poverty and others. Segregation During the time, the people were segregated on a racial basis, thereby, affecting the social integration and interaction. The white people could not mutually interact with the Black community in America, creating a lot of discontent and suspicion among the communities. Remarkably, the segregation included access to public and social facilities, such as schools, public transport, hospitals and the churches among others. Lack of Freedom The Black people did not have the freedom and rights to vote. As a democratic right, no one should be barred from voting. Notably, in 1863, the American government set the African Americans free, ending 244 years of slavery (Shamar, 2011). In addition, there was a need for freedom for the racial and ethnic mix in the country that Luther was fighting for.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Martin Luther Kings Last March Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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