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The Main Problem Confronting Young People is that Adults are in Control of Delivering Justice and Welfare on Behalf of the Young - Essay Example

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Running head: SOCIOLOGY Topic:  “The main problem confronting young people is that adults are in control of delivering justice and welfare on behalf of the young.” Comment. I strongly hold the viewpoint that the main problem confronting young people is that adults are in control of delivering justice and welfare on behalf of the young…
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The Main Problem Confronting Young People is that Adults are in Control of Delivering Justice and Welfare on Behalf of the Young
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Extract of sample "The Main Problem Confronting Young People is that Adults are in Control of Delivering Justice and Welfare on Behalf of the Young"

Download file to see previous pages It is widely accepted that very less attention has been given to issues of youth justice in spite of the fact that the pattern of criminal behaviors amongst youth is increasingly becoming a cause as well as impact of social exclusion. It is quite apparent that justice for young people is delivered by adults who do not perceive issues in the same way as the young do. The Australian Bureau of Statistics (Trewin, 2005) has reported that 79 percent of indigenous prisoners in Australia’s prisoners were aged 20 to 39, while a little over 68 percent from the non indigenous groups comprised of prisoners in the same age group. According to Cunneen and McDonald (1997), indigenous people are over represented in Australian prisons and this prison population is growing consistently in the country’s prisons, much faster than the non indigenous population. Lincoln and Wilson (2000) have held that indigenous juveniles are also over-represented in Australian prisons in comparison to adults. ...
The basic problem associated with the community and leaders is that they do not actively involve young people in participation and the entire process takes the form of a rhetorical device that only aims at making people feel good. A major grievance of young people relates to participative structures being tokenistic or just rubber stamping chores for policy matters that have already been decided beforehand. It is important that youth policy be positive and opportunity focused but it cannot be denied that the need will always be there to effectively deal with young people that violate the law. Just as it is correct that use of illegal drugs, which is a criminal offence, should be dealt with on the basis of being a health and not criminal justice matter, it can be argued that youth crime too is basically a welfare issue and not of delinquency. This viewpoint is based on the assumption that the downtrodden are the ones that form the major percentage of the deprived in society. However, this perception was of greater significance four decades ago; concepts have changed now and young offenders have to be held responsible for their actions. At the same time it is required that judgments be delivered while considering the crime and the purpose of the crime from a more social perspective instead of pure legal jargon that wholly relies on strict compliance with the given procedures. In the context of the delivery of justice relative to young people, some issues are very important. Most of the young offenders are prone to commit petty crimes but they are also relentless in committing such offences. Although it is apparent that one time offenders should be given lenient treatment, regular offenders have to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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