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Nokia Organization Analysis Paper - Essay Example

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Nokia Company and Industry Background Nokia with its famous line, “Connecting People” has always been catching the attention of its target customers for many years. With its cutting-edge technology and high user-friendly featured mobile phones at affordable prize, people from around the globe find Nokia a highly remarkable brand that has something to say in both quality and economic considerations…
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Nokia Organization Analysis Paper
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Download file to see previous pages The industry for mobile phones is very competitive with various key players trying to differentiate their product and service offerings. This is to enhance their competitive advantage. One perfect example is the Apple Incorporated which is having consistent brand portfolios specializing on creating needs. In fact, the latest trend in mobile phone industry and particularly within its marketing activity is to create a need for certain product offering. The important point of marketing activity is to satisfy customers’ needs (Boone and Kurtz 7; Kotler et al. 9). This leads to sustaining customers’ needs in the future. This is highly evident in the case of Apple Incorporated together with its varying innovations it has created on its brands. LG Electronics on the other hand is always anticipating customer needs. It is in this reason that the company is always up-to-date with the latest innovation and enhancement of its cutting-edge technology. Its high focus given on giving value for its customers is remarkably in line with its ability to anticipate customer needs. Samsung is in line with enhancing strong brand awareness for its high-end product offerings. However, this does not mean that it is setting aside the management of its mid-to-low range of products prior to catering a significantly wider range of customers around the globe. Motorola on the other hand as the pioneering company in the mobile phone industry has also considerable experience on how the entire business in mobile phones has to be operated. In line with this, its competitive advantage remarkably lies on the fact that its basic foundation is rooted in its basic knowledge on how to stay in the competition in its industry. Even though the above mentioned companies in the mobile phone industry have remarkable strengths in order to stay on top of the competition, Nokia has never been far behind. In fact, it was able to survive in the 2008 economic downturn because of its ability to maximize its strategic acquisitions, partnerships and its leading research and development in its industry. It is remarkably good at predicting the future, understanding the current trend of customers’ needs and many others. Strategically speaking, Nokia is good at studying the prevailing competition in its industry. Thus, it cannot be denied why it is always looking forward to achieve its sustainability through its competitive advantage both in quality and economic aspects. The above mentioned background of Nokia and the industry where it belongs certainly provide us the basic idea that competitive advantage and strategy are upshots of the existing competition in the environment. In reality, the essence of competitive strategy is actually trying to relate a company to its environment (Porter 3). One triggering circumstance that blows away Nokia is when it knows the fact what its competitors are doing in the market. One important scenario is the ability of Apple to change the market for smart phone and its capacity to attract new developers to a market run with a very tough competition. At some point, Nokia did not anticipate this to happen and only to find out that the market will eventually buy into the latest innovations in mobile phones. At some point, Nokia is so focused on attracting low-end target market audience without knowing that advanced ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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