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An evident upraise of a woman as an active participant of the society, a well-educated person, a person, who can earn money over fist proves the fact that a long and difficult struggle of feminists, which lasted for years was effective and essential. …
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The change of womens status
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The change of women’s status Introduction Thesis: An evident upraise of a woman as an active participant of the society, a well-educated person, a person, who can earn money over fist proves the fact that a long and difficult struggle of feminists, which lasted for years was effective and essential. A modern woman is a transformation from a centennially oppressed female creature into a strong and dignified woman.
A role of a modern woman has significantly changed during the last 50 years. In the beginning of XX century Margaret Sanger has initiated educational campaign on propagation of contraception (Hazou, 1990). The historical accents have shifted from the leading and decisive role of a man to a woman. A matter of birth control is one of the most crucial issues signifying a progress in a status of women in the society. Currently, “the inherited doctrines that are part of the culture have perpetuated distinctions in gender roles since they articulate what it means to be a male or female.” (Rhoodie,1989).
Drastic historical status of women
Before 1913 women followed their husbands and because of venereal diseases turned into ugly creatures with no teeth and noses (Tebbetts, 2003). Moreover, having borne many children they lost their individuality and they were perceived by men as “birth giving machines”. For men this social roles’ distribution was favorable and most of them were absolutely satisfied with it. It was very convenient to hear no decisive voice of a wife, but just enjoy her good housekeeping and calm weeping in the pillow. In the multidisciplinary study conducted by Rhoodie (1989) this situation is described in the following way: “Men took the role of head of the family, and, in spite of the importance of domestic work for the orderly continuation of the society, womens status was lowered” (Rhoodie, 1989).
Therefore, women’s perception of their children was too complicated. We can prove this fact from the short story by Maxine Hong Kingston “No Name Woman”. A mother describes her baby as a strange creature, compares her to a dog, a piglet, a little ghost, full of milk etc. It can be seen that a woman is not glad that she gave birth to her child. This situation is not surprising. This Chinese woman lived during a difficult period of history. It was easier for her to throw her child away and die with it. She would better avoid potential hardships and mockery of the community (Kingston, 1975). Certainly, this attitude toward a child was awful and provoked by the attitude toward women in the society.
In the modern society we can see a quite different trend. A propagation of motherhood can be seen everywhere, but it is a happy motherhood. Women love their children, because they have a chance to give birth only to a beloved baby. Pregnancies may be easily controlled and venereal diseases may be prevented, so women may enjoy their pregnancy instead of being afraid of it. Thus, women have a chance to develop their individuality, to think about their careers and to look far beyond their rising bell, where a new life is being developed. Our time brought a lot of new opportunities for women that allow them to be mothers and to make a successful carrier at the same time. Now every woman can make her own choice not paying attention for old stereotypes, which are not the obstacles any more.
A severe struggle of feminists has finally led to a change of a social status of women. Women turned into independent members of the society. Currently, woman is positioned as an independent individual, a dignified member of the society, a well-educated professional. This change is the result of mutual efforts of female writers, political and social activists, who expressed the ideas of all women. Moreover, it should be noted that women released their womanhood and turned into powerful and strong members of the society. From the historical prospect, it should be noted that centennial oppressing of women’s social development prevented human society from a speedy and effective development. Now, it is time for the international community to preserve and promote women’s status.
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