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Status and Role of Women and how They Relate to the Modern Beauty Culture - Essay Example

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What has been the most significant change in the status and role of women as it relates to the development of modern beauty culture and the industry? Please focus on a specific time period (e.g. 1900's, 1910's, 1920's, 1930's etc.) and provide 3 specific examples.  This paper will focus mostly on the era of 1930s, otherwise known as the decade of the great depression or ‘Stand Still’…
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Status and Role of Women and how They Relate to the Modern Beauty Culture
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Download file to see previous pages People started looking at the lives of American women as role models, something that they needed to follow. The lifestyle of American women became a symbol of liberty for the female gender. 1930s was the time after World War I. Times were tough for American people. More and more labor was required to run the factories and heavy industries. Men were at work but due to recession, they were forced to work at a lower wage which wasn’t sufficient to run the family. As a result, females took charge and worked right besides men. They were employed mostly in medium light industries. During 1930s, Eleanor Roosevelt published a book titled, It’s Up to Women which served as a driving force for the involvement of women in the major industries of the country and eventually the empowerment of the state. Between1929 and 1940, almost 28% increase was recorded in women employment. About 13.8% increase was recorded in women in the age group of 25-44 years. And almost 50% growth was recorded for women in the sectors of clinical nature and services (Burwood, 1990). Below are few examples that stand out regarding the roles of women. Amelia Earhart was the first female pilot in the world that went on a solo flight and got her due share of fame for it. She flew jets for the US military and was a pioneer of aviation and an author. She became a symbol of women modernism by taking the role and status of women to the next level. She also founded the ‘Ninety Nine’, an aviation society for women (Amelia, 1937). 1930s was also a decade for major transformations in beauty and the beauty industry itself. By 1937, beauty had risen to the level of government regulations (Geoffrey, 2010). In 1937 Food Trade Commission (FTC) approved rules that put stricter regulation on food, and cosmetics products. The focus was on the claims that cosmetic companies made about their products. Early part of the 20th century highlights the name of Maximilian Faktorowicz who founded the cosmetic company ‘Max Factor & Company’, 1930s has special significance for this company because at that time Hollywood was driving the fashion and beauty industry. Every girl wanted to look like the leading actresses they saw on the cinema screens. And those actresses were using makeup from companies like max factor. Lip Gloss in 1930, Liquid Enamel in 1934 and Pan-cake makeup in 1937 were major hit products from Max factor that set the standards of beauty and beauty industry(Willet, 2010). Beauty standards also went through major transformations. The fashion items and the aesthetic sense which was missing in 1920s fully blossomed in 1930s. More attention was given to the female figure and the clothes that complemented the shape.Female fashion and image both transmuted. A famous example of the changing female image comes from Bette Davis, the Hollywood icon. She rose to stardom during 1930s and her roles portrayed mainly female power and authority. Natural coincidence occurred when press started scrutinizing her husband as he was making mere $100 a week compared to her wife’s huge earnings of over $1000 weekly (Roy, 2003). Female liberty was on the rise. Not only in America, almost all over the world, female activism was up surging. Many societies and NGOs were mushrooming who were fighting for the rights of women and uplifting the status of women. They were shaping the perception of society who used to look ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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