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During many years feminists did their best to change the position of women in the society. Their efforts brought many positive results as now there are many laws, which support and defend women from men’s…
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A womans beauty put down or power source
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Download file to see previous pages The author investigates the present state of the issue and reveals that even the advantages, which women have in comparison to men, for example, their beauty an sex appeal, do not bring any visible benefits to the representatives of fair sex. “For close to two centuries it has become a convention to attribute beauty to only one of the two sexes: the sex which however fair is always second. Associating beauty with women has put beauty even further on the defensive, morally.” (Sontag 154) The first essential factor that was addressed by feminists is sexualization. The author emphasizes the role of mass media that actively promotes the image of a sexy woman is considered to be the one of the main factors, which contributes to the attitude towards women as towards the toys, which are created specially to have sex with men. The nude woman’s body can be seen everywhere: in the advertising, newspapers, in video clips. Beauty competitions also contribute to the formation of the attitude towards women as towards objects. Women want to be sexy, but their sexuality finally turns to be a problem for them, a something they can be blamed for. To have sex is still a shame for women and normal for men. “Hence, when we are discussing women, we are generally discussing the sex interest common to both men and women, and this disturbs our point of view. The fact is that sex interest is a common possession that the unit in human life, even more than among lower animals, is always a male and a female bound together by love. Just as a body can function in sleep or under the influence of a narcotic, for a time seemingly independent of the mind, so a man or a woman can live for a time in seeming independence of the opposite sex; but from any biological point of view, such a separate existence of male and female is only a transient effort” (Barnes 3).
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