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Critically Assess the Claim that States are Necessary Evils - Essay Example

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States are necessary evils Introduction Initially, all disputes and discussions may be structured in accordance with our likes or dislikes; with regards to our attitude to a friend-or-foe. Consequently, our attitude to good and evil is also based mainly on a subjective opinion…
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Critically Assess the Claim that States are Necessary Evils
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Extract of sample "Critically Assess the Claim that States are Necessary Evils"

Download file to see previous pages State is good Good and evil exist everywhere in our lives. We cannot see or touch them, but we definitely know that they exist. The same can be said about the state. It is everywhere and, at the same time, nowhere. Social practices in the state are mediated by social workers and many other agents. There are a lot of people and organizations working in favor of the state. Their main functions are focused on regulation of our daily lives. We know the exact functions of the state. We know that the state is a constant phenomenon and it is a background of our activities, but at the same time we are confused, because we do not notice functions of the state in our daily lives, we just take it for granted. Despite Hook’s claim that state’s organizations are ‘a formless mass’, there is a need to regulate and direct citizens’ activities in the right direction (Bromley et al, 2009, Chapter 8). An essential increase of the state’s role can be referred to world’s crisis of 2008. This is an example, when the states managed to cope with the negative consequences of crisis and solve this problem at different social, political and economic levels. Currently, there are complicated relations between different state and non-state organizations and it is necessary to balance these relations. From this perspective, the state brings into balance relations between governmental and non-governmental organizations and it is good and beneficial for the social lives of the citizens. We can’t do without the state, because it regulates our social life by laws and policies that make us civilized and bring everything in order. Thus, the first conclusion we make is that there is no evil, but there is good in the states. We come to the conclusion that the state is an invisible massive something, which is “visible in everyday life through a complex assemblage of institutions, practices, people and discourses which provide social order” (Bromley et al, 2009, Chapter 8). Social order is not evil, it is good. Thus, we can surely claim that the states put their efforts to organize and regulate lives of their citizens. State is evil Still, there is no one relevant claim describing whether states are always evil or not. From another perspective, everyone, who wants may find seeds of evil in the state: “Black people may feel separated from a state that is still run predominantly by white people. Women may question the authority claims of a state still run predominantly by men. Working-class people may at times feel alienated from a state run predominantly by individuals from the middle and upper classes” (Bromley et al, 2009, Chapter 8). Racism has taken significant place in the history of all states. At present time many different world organizations, including cultural societies and football leagues, take preventive measures from displaying any racial attitudes. Racism and discrimination will always exist in the society, for it is human’s nature, that a person who is ‘not like us’ is viewed with suspicion or even hostility. Some suppose that racism is inherent in people as much as xenophobia is peculiar to them. Despite us being modern society, we have hardly been able to find any means of eliminating the notions of discrimination from our lives. On the contrary, it continues its living with us, finding roots in more and more world cultures. As far as we can see, every social group is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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